KTTV Fixed The News, What’s Still Broken?

Okay, anchor switch, an easy one but a brilliant move. I always give credit as much as I criticize. So there still remains an underlying fundamental problem at KTTV and that is the time for viewing. This can be fixed but first a few acknowledgments of the situation and an understanding.

If KTTV set the news at 4am, its competitors particularly KTLA5 would make their news start at 3am and if KTTV matched them at 3am, it would start news at 2am at their competitors, so why play a tit-for-tat game with competitors? Big question, so with that understanding in mind and the tit-for-tat off the table what does FOX KTTV need to do with news and their morning lineup? Remember what is still broken underlying all morning programming at FOX KTTV is the “FORMAT” and unless that gets fixed it undermines most everything else. Relegating it to a broken status even if minor. That said, here is what KTTV execs and management must do next for the morning.

Who are your viewers (customers) and when are they watching? This is most important to making a format work. You have two types of viewers as I have outlined numerous times in these blogs. The first is the early crowd. The bulk of them watch news 5am through 8am and by 8am are out the door and gone, in fact most are gone by 7am. These are people off to work, school parents dropping kids off to school. So this is the main news crowd. That means news should start at 5am and run no later than 8am. This addresses the bulk needs of your first crowd.

Crowd number two does not care much about news, sleep later and want to watch something entertaining. This is the shuteye crowd as I like to think of them. They are not out the door and most wakeup between 8am and 9aam with others sleeping to 10am. GDLA can utilize this by providing entertainment and little news. GDLA two hours crammed with entertainment maybe 10 minutes of news, weather in the first hour, then onward. 8am to 10am is all you need. When these folks are fully awake at 10am they are ready for coffee and news.

This is what must occur for KTTV to pull ratings and fix what is still broken. Format viewing times. Fix these and the morning is secure. It can be tweaked from there as necessary but until these are fixed, no matters what gimmicks arise, it is still broken. Yes the news anchor change helped but there is more to do.

Maybe the vegetables over there at KTTV will learn from this, step back instead of steaming at me, and realize a customer took time to author this under common sense. It’s the best FREE advice to fixing their broken product for their customers they will ever get. “The King is naked and has no clothes”


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