Flying To Work

They are hard at work trying to develop flying cars. A number of global interests are all trying to bring the Jetson’s mode of travel to you. One such new endeavor is right here in California and it ain’t the ongoing Moller M400 skycar. Instead the company may actually be funded by Google and they are trying to build an electric flying car. The company name is “zee aero” and it is very close to Google’s headquarters in Northern California.

As regular ground transportation is quite old in its form and the wonders of the 21st century have been here a short while, it figures this would be the next step in getting from point “A” to “B” and beyond. Now while this is in the works, a flying car already exists for under 100 grand and it is available now. I am of course talking about the Terrfugia below. It is available right this moment. Take a peek!

Now if you are excited watch the next video.

You know when the jet age has arrived when you can go out, purchase and then strap one on. What was once exclusive to the old NASA is now becoming a reality. Slowly but surely we are moving to the air. It will be fast, safe, relieve congestion and when implemented will result believe it or not in less fatalities the ground transportation has created. All positives I’m sure, but what about air accidents?

Accidents will occur at anytime and on any  transportation mode. Cars that experience engine failure, maybe do to a glitch in the Operating System, or a bird hit, will find safety built into vehicles. Ballistic Parachutes will open and passengers even pets can be fitted with parachutes as well. But if order is kept in the sky and on-board computers in flying vehicles space automatically via a system, then collisions should be almost nonexistent.

While slow in coming, humankind is getting there and unless severe weather grounds vehicles, for the most part, people will be able to live most anywhere and fly to work or visit places at great distances, that once took days using ground transportation on roads. The future is indeed bright!


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