KTTV Makes Interesting But Brilliant Moves.

Well when I bash Kevin T. Hale, I bash him and the Management team and when I give em credit, well I swing that way as well. It appears they shifted Tony McEwing next to the orphaned Christine Devine on the nightly newscast vacated by Carlos Amezcua.

Tony Mcewing

While I like Mark Thompson for the spot, Tony is an old fav of mine and I think this is an excellent matchup. Remember that Christine is a giant of a woman and so having a big guy like Tony next to her should match up well. Tony also has a hilarious and very opinionated personality which I just love. So in a sense Carlos splitting and Tony in that seat does work out well.

Bobby D

Another guy I like, Bob Decastro also works well in height and stature with Araksya Karapetyan on the morning newscast. Bobby D as we all know him is an excellent anchor and should do well. I think his time at anchor is long overdue, so this should work well too.

It was time from almost day one for Carlos to have split. Personally I don’t know the guy, never will, thank God. But honestly he never fit in or felt right to me as a viewer and consumer of KTTV’s product, so this has worked for the best.

Laura Diaz – American Icon!

What does worry me a bit and I am unsure at this time is the big question as of this blog, where is Laura Diaz? Vacation or gone? It would be a damned shame because I consider her a major news icon for decades here in Southern California news circles and a sweet lady as well. Never met her personally, but she is an Aquarius and they are usually pretty grand people.


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