One of my Heroes.

Thomas Sowell

Yes this grand guy of wisdom and common sense who is like me, not politically correct. Endorsed “White Girls Bleed A Lot.” A must read book that exposes the horrors of black on non-black violence under the communist regime of Barak HUSSEIN Obama and Axlerod Holder which sounds X-rated when you put both of the political whores names together.

This man, his genius and wisdom bespeak volumes between what we are not hearing on the mainstream news and the tragedy and horros being propagated upon non blacks and also other blacks by mindless black thugs. The black woman below…

and Thomas Sowell are lightyears apart. Mr. Sowell represents a REAL American and the lady’s words and actions below represents the bottom horrors that befell the American Black Community. Go to Rahm’s city run by him, Chicago and you see even more horrors.

Bill O-Reilly, a great charming Irishman with a great voice and pleasant smile had this piece on just some of the horrors and black on black violence in Obama’s city Chicago.

and it gets worse. Bash a Jew, black teens attacking Jews for fun, not even to rob them just to beat them up or kill them for fun.

Now what other groups attacked Jews for fun?

and below is Black America, real Americans who love other Americans like Thomas Sowell! GOD BLESS The real Americans below, not these Nazi practicing thugs.

and a final word from a hero of God! A voice of real truth.

The truth shall set you free!


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