Not just KTLA for KTTV

Welcome that network NBC. Yes their morning show and it looks strong too. Just when you thought KTLA had KTTV beaten, in steps a new morning show with a revamped formula to be numero uno and CBS ain’t far behind.

Where KTTV remains weakest is when they dumped nearly half their morning production and it shows, over and over and over and over again. Video missing, sound missing, miscues on dialog or articles. This is not the anchors or separate reporter’s faults either. Rather it is placed squarely on both the management and even more so, the Newscorp execs who allowed the cuts to occur several years ago. It’s about saving bucks. Then again, one must ask when you save bucks…how much do you try and save on? In this case, KTTV tried by cutting more than they actually needed to and this places them in a severe handicap where daily production troubles are consistently cropping up.

Hosts like Steve Edwards, Tony “TAKEETS” 😀 “Camel” Mc Ewing 1, Lisa Breckenridge help do what they can to ease the pain and they do an admirable job at that, but to be quite honest, without enough production people, problems will continue. You may one day turn on the TV dial and see a blank screen. In the mean time, rivals KTLA and now NBC are well equipped on the production end and that is why their outages are minimal if any, whether video, sound or miscues.

NBC’s new morning show promises to cut significantly into the Los Angeles market and mix it up. They say competition is healthy, even in an ultra-competitive field. The big questions is, will FOX execs rehire and stock the production resources dogging the KTTV affiliate?

Between a broken viewer format and schedule from hell, and major production issues plaguing this station, the big question is when will Newscorp put its fist down and fix KTTV from the hell it has fallen into?

1 – Tony knows we love em. He’s a great and funny guy, a real asset to KTTV so it is always in jest here.


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