Carlos Amezcua Out at KTTV!!! IT’s OFFICIAL!

A shame he never apologized to bloggers instead of insulting them. He blogs himself and should have made a very simple “I’m sorry guys for calling you clowns.” Honestly I didn’t want anyone to quit or lose their job, just an apology to bloggers. I want to be super clear on this. Had Carlos apologized, it would have shown him as a much grander person then he acted. He did not. Had Carlos said “I’m sorry,” I would have simply said thanks and never blogged on it again.

You see. When you join an active blog with many people posting viewpoints and opinions you might disagree but you don’t have to come to a place and insult everyone especially when you are working there and new. He did! To make matters worse, he took questions from the public and ignored bloggers. Since they had legitimate questions he could have shown them respect and chose not to. A double whammy that day and one many did not forget including myself. Like I said personally I do not know him and thus with this one issue of insulting the bloggers, I had no other reason to blog negatively. But I have to stand up when treated ill as do others and fight with our voices.

Personally, I have heard Carlos is a nice guy from multiple sources which makes it doubly as hard to have to say what had to be said. Like I stated at the onset, I really wanted a simple apology to bloggers and I stand by that. In this case, Carlos has to follow his own path as I do mine.

Thanks for the Christmas gift Mr. Murdoch, it’s a stocking stuffer for sure! 😀

Now who will anchor?

Well there are lots of talents. How about bringing back Mark Thompson, the hunk with the voice that can dance and drive the ladies mad 🙂 Even Christine Devine smiled and laughed, a rarity for someone over nineteen feet tall :p

Then there is Jeff Michaels and Phil Shuman. I don’t know why, but Phil has this sort of grimace smile I sometimes think like er, “Tough Guy” and stay shy, but Phil is cool.

Hey, what about John Beard, now there’s a thought. Bob DeCastro anyone, one of the more likeable chaps always refreshing. It will be interesting what unfolds. If I were Mr. Murdoch, I’d go for Mark Thompson, but then again all of the aforementioned would be excellent anchors and all have anchored news at one point or another for KTTV.

FOLLOWUP Correction. Carlos quit GOOD! I mean good luck to him. Hopefully we get someone great like John Beard, Jeff Michaels or a returning Mark Thompson. All do a better anchor job anyhow. In the short and long run, KTTV is better off without the previous ass that sat in that anchor seat!


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