Fastest Damned EBike at The Park and…

They either love it, hate it or are mystified. Let’s take each one as they come.

The Jet-Electric Themebike can bolt like a mad horse and almost get out from under you. It has torque, speed and the lightweight frame that makes it a wicked ride. Lauren Sanchez Izip, eat yer hearts out!

Jet-Electric Themed Ebike

I don’t think there is any greater factor than the wind on your face, instant bolting power and knowing they can’t touch you if you don’t want them too. That is just how exhilarating it can get and it gets wilder from there if you let it. There are essentially three types I come across and let us review them. The general public, they hear the turbofans and they see it coming and their expressions are “WOW!” The greater majority of cyclists, they are all fine and are like cool dude, Semper Fi of sorts, it’s a fraternity. So most cyclists accept e and g bikers as brothers and sisters of a larger whole which is really far out!!!

Then there is group three. They are select are usually in their little shorts with a matching color jersey that they think they ride the Tour De France in and they have a 5,000 dollar plus bike that matches, and what are these assholes on spokes all about? They spent a fortune and five grand and someone passes them on a 98 dollar Walmart bike with a 1KW motor. Yeah, that will piss them off, these road schmucks with pedals. These are the same assholes that go out and challenge a 6,000 pound SUV with the mom texting…good luck!!! Frankly the faster the better, I certainly need to see less of this small group as do other cyclists. In fact let me give em advice, try a Mack Truck or Peterbuilt, they are more efficient…Kerplunk!

What really pisses them off is this. They are pedaling hard and they are hunched over on their 5,000 dollar bicycle (only a schmuck would spend that on a bicycle) and here I pull up to them pedaling backwards on a 98 dollar bicycle, smile and then push the thumb throttle and get past them and in the rear view mirror I can see them standing up struggling to catch up, good luck. Don’t forget (morons) to visit the Tarzana hospital when you get close cause that heart will be a pumpin’.


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