DVD Movies Christmas Picks For 2013

Okay, each year around this time I have decided to post the movies I most like, and here they are for viewing. They don’t have to be from this year.

Western. I like John Wayne in “Chisum” – This Louise L’Amore version is loosely based on the Lincoln County Wars so there is some fictionalized true story here. Lots of action, subplots, believable characters and romance from an era long gone, wild and free. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Sci-Fi my pick are several new Sci-Fi’s. I like World War Z, I know, another zombie flick, but this one actually had credibility not just zombies from the ground, but rather from an illness. I feel this is one of the better flicks out there, plot was straight forward, FX excellent, acting brisk and production spot on. Not for kids or feint of heart but most movie goers will like this.

My second Sci-Fi pick goes to the Tom Cruise thriller “Oblivion” as I feel these two flicks were the best of the best this season and make excellent stocking stuffers.

Drama Comedy has to go to the 1979 “North Dallas Forty” starring Nick Nolte. Inside look at sports injuries but a great flick. In these younger times, Nick did some great stuff and he was a hunk for the ladies as well. So going back I would have to say this is a winner and funny while dramatic and a bit of action looking inside an NFL franchise and what makes it tick.

Holiday Special I must go back for kids to the Rankin Bass animated “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” The late 1950’s but it does illustrate another time.

These are my picks this year. I know there are other genres and many many titles, but this is what I am endorsing this year as flicks to get and enjoy.


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