Today’s POV TG

Today’s POV is how to fix things. Be healthy and smart and eat Steamed Broccoli and most of all, don’t let it go to your head! Otherwise you become a Broccolihead Instead!

See here’s the deal. Rather than Broccolihead getting up and doing a POV, my POV trumphs his, because mine as a customer, a viewer calls for hauling in more production people and here is what Mr. POV can fix. No more sound gone with lip sync from reporters. No more cutting to commercials when a host or anchor is talking. No more video cut away they are talking about beef and instead we get more broccoli, get it? Picture disappears, people far away there one moment gone the next, then host covers mistake and back to cut away people. How’s that for a real POV? Confusing as heck right?

Oh and I don’t like Broccoli with Cheese. Now if you are like the plate above, steaming at the real problems, then off in Fantasyland giving us the government complaint POV with all Hail Hale. Maybe it would make watching the channel a real POV and not the I’m the general whatever, melting my cheese on my broccoli head.

In other words, instead of being steamed at me Mr. POV, get with it, fix the production glitches that occur almost every day and make KTTV FOX the quality the big guy demands. Either steam or get off the plate.



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