NASCAR Schmucks 2014

So one more year of Crapcar Racing from those who don’t understand they should broadcast every race from coast to coast if they want to grow a national sport. But then again, who ever said someone with the initials “BF” who inherited a national sport was smart? I didn’t. Instead, to this very very longtime racing fan, this guy is a dumb moron who sells out for a fast buck and here is why. If he just went and negotiated the 2014 contract like the 2015, race fans wouldn’t be “SHUT OUT!” got it moron? How many times can this stupid idiot and his board understand that to grow a sport it must be known and for the sport to be known people have to see it and if they cannot see it, then what happens? “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!”

What part of this does the heads of a national sport called NASCAR not get. 2015 is well over a year away. How about 2014? How about you idiots fixing 2014 so fans don’t get stiffed again by a fast buck artist who has helped trample a national sport and oh, let us talk about something else that irks me while I am at it, namingly the greatest stock car driver in history, Mr. Jimmie Johnson. It seems to me that NASCAR has gone out of its way to make sure Jimmie doesn’t win cups. Why? Are you folks really that stupid, I mean honestly, you have one of the greatest marketing tools here in this driver and his team and you do everything to make sure he doesn’t win. Every chance you thugs get, you trounce this driver. Why do you give Greg Biffle a pass when he causes accidents and mayhem? Can’t answer it can ya when you have a rigged game. To screw Jimmie, you did away with the wing on cars, penalize his team every opportunity sometimes as far as I am concerned with trumped up charges. He gets in an accident and here comes the Nascar officials, Biffle does it and he gets a pass. Why? And that folks is another point I stress. On top of that the sports media press in part attacks Jimmie Johnson for every little thing. How about some leeway guys. You truly have a very gifted and talented athlete and it is time to treat him with the very respect that Jimmie, Chad and the rest of that team deserve.


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