I wouldn’t buy another God Damned Ketchup again!

From the Heinz company. The wife can stick a wire hanger up his ass and that wouldn’t do it for me.

Honestly. This POS and the POTUS less the T and U POS both negotiated without congress, a treaty. Isn’t the U.S. Congress supposed to negotiate a treaty? Who is this ketchup creep commie, someone who betrayed his own fighting men and women in favor of the communist enemy?


Keri is nothing more than a commie as far as I am concerned and the wife is a complete whack job. And this guy is making your foreign policy as a total ass-kisser to the POTUS. See, commies all work together. Back in Nam the reason he got shot was someone shot him in the ass, makes me wonder just how many of his fellow soldiers really liked this idiot.

Now if you really wanna do damage, demand to use and purchase products other than Heinz. Every dollar you spend less on this moron’s products is less money this nincompoop and commie can have to feather his flea ridden nest and isn’t that what makes capitalism grand? So with no further hadoo, what ketchup can you get?







the other big products.



and finally, for America’s Patriotic Ketchup I present…tada



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