A Freebe For KTTV If They Act Fast!

Okay let’s say the magic word for liberal talents…SEINFELD!

Everyone watches Seinfeld and I’m not just talking about old Jews. This series goes on and on and on and should have never been cancelled. Cancelling it was a major mistake. There is an old saying, strike while the iron is hot and this remained hot, hot, hot even to its end. Yeah we know Elaine went on to do a few shows, sexy lady too, even if she acts like a big commie-lib brainwashed by the other side.

And who could forget another lefty leaning actor but ultra talented none-the-less, George Costanza and his parents. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much.

and since they are a family, I wonder often about them…

Ben Stiller ah, the dysfunctional family and then there was a neighbor named Newman. I don’t know why, but whenever I see that name in Nascar I think of the mailman below.

and the postal worker description, wow, so dead on.

If FOX were wise, they would pull together George Kramer and Newman, George’s folks from time to time and make a brand new “HIT” comedy that dominates its time slot. And that is the FOX freebie for this week. Courtesy from an American author, poet and damned common sense person. A viewer who cares.


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