They’re begging me for another KTTV Post.

Really, you really want me to continue blogging on KTTV? Serious, really, it is something great I am doing? Honestly, does throwing a fish back in the sea really cause the sea to suddenly grow more fish? Okay I’ll give you your blog on KTTV. Are you ready, here is my blog.

“They couldn’t be sinking on multiple fronts faster than a boulder over the Marianas Trench. How’s that for a blog, and I’ll give you another one, my own “POV” episode, how’s this.

BroccoliHead Instead banned me on Twitter. Yup, this vegetable of the airwaves couldn’t but block me after he de-twittered me, one slap in the face after another because I blog to try and help out KTTV and Mr. Murdoch.


How’s that for a “POV” response from one of your viewers? Don’t like what I blog about, tough, yer fair game as a celebrity. The reason for a broccoli brain is while it has high value in nutrients, I find the self-grandising POV’s you do for your own personal exposure to a minor celebrity status‚Ķnauseating. Instead of putting on real reporters jerkwad, you prop yourself up as a bigshot which in my humble opinion you are not. Put on real reporters fine, do a real in depth story fine. When you unfollowed me on Twitter it was a big mistake because I don’t like people who act like assholes when they could embrace their TV viewers. Then you have the unmitigated gaul to block me as well, why, because you are not management material. That is of course this viewer’s opinion and considering you have gone willingly before the cameras repeatedly, you are now a minor celebrity too. In addition, you used the public broadcasting airwaves, I am a viewer, consumer of FOX KTTV and its products and can criticize you as a low-quality product, does that burst your ego a bit more? Bring you back down to Earth and TV Viewer Customer reality? In addition, unlike people you may crap on, I can assure you, I am not under your payroll thumb, you can’t crap on me so easy. That’s the beauty of my position.

Hey Mr. Murdoch, I am the best ally you have, you know why? Because you don’t pay me. I give you an honest viewpoint on things because I care. If the management has no clothes, I am your kid in the crowd, I call it as it is. This guy, your manager looked at this viewer, your customer and took a giant crap on him. You know Mr. Murdoch what is really sad here. You work so hard to bring quality to viewers, yet your management doesn’t care a crap about them. Look at how BroccoliHead Instead treated me and it speaks volumes about your business. There is an old saying Mr. Murdoch, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and I’ll throw in another old saying for you, “If you don’t know it’s broke, you can’t fix it,” and still I’ll give you another one from Business 101. “No business ever won an argument with their customers.” This last one has a long history. What BroccoliHead did was take an ally and screw em. That’s right, he took a friend and made him an enemy. Is that really how people who tell you it’s broken should be treated? By telling you you have a broken product and taking the time to care? Think about it, and while the BroccoliHead is steaming which is a great thing for Broccoli, maybe you know how to cook it differently so it tastes better. Yeah, he might add cheese and thinks he’s the big cheese, but at the end of the day, the only thing I do with Broccoli is crap it out in the toilet and this happens.

and that’s my KTTV POV for the day! Bonapetite! Maybe Mr. Murdoch will flush all of the Broccoli’s down the toilet for crapping on viewers.


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