Black NAZI’s attack Jews!

As if the comments by American Black Nazi Oprah Winfrey isn’t enough, her wanting white Americans slaughtered for her Type 5 Level Racist point of view, more young Black Nazi Gangs are going on the attack. This time Black Nazis are attacking or even slaughtering Jews.

Now if you don’t believe me, watch some of their work.

Blacks attacking a Jew.

That’s right, today’s new Nazis are finally on the move. Jews today, all other non black races tomorrow. Many Latinos and Asians are also in the white category, at what time will they be attacked?

They are not “AFRICAN Americans” they are Blacks, period. I refuse Hillary Clinton’s politically correct brain washing from that commie and these are what they are. Young black thugs acting as the brown shirts did before the full Nazi Party came to power. Watch again that video above of the blacks beating the white kid then watch the Nazis of old below and tell me it ain’t the same.

Learn that you can see the future and present through the past!


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One response to “Black NAZI’s attack Jews!

  1. hey, this indoneshian looking guy, you know where the swastika came from?

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