How FOX Can Gain High Ratings at 11PM

Yeah I was gonna quit blogging about KTTV and FOX and GDLA, but there are those of you who have asked I keep blogging so let’s get a positive from a negative.

“NBC “Nothing But Crap!” is committing Late Comedy Show Suicide or simply “LCSS” sounds like a Microsoft Windows system file right? And how are they doing this with Jay Leno currently pulling 51% ratings? They are sending him away for good in a couple of months because they tried a few years ago and it backfired.

You would think someone with brains at NBC would say, hey wait a minute, this guy is great! Nope, they are making the same mistake that Brian Frons whose initials are “BF” (make what you want of it)

Did for ABC “A Bunch of Crap” when he highhandedly helped to kill ABC Daytime with crappy shows, one for eating food and one on FAT people losing weight, go figure huh.

So with NBC making such an obvious decision to stick a knife in its late night show ratings when they are at the top, FOX now has the opportunity with open arms to nab Jay Leno and soar with a Late Night show and ratings that will bury the other networks. So far there are murmurs that something might be in the works, and scouring the web they remain just that.

But in my humble opinion, building a set and calling it “The Night Show” and having Jay Leno on an upscale set that reflects L.A. and going at it, cracking all sorts of jokes without restraint would give FOX a number one berth bar none and that is again my humble opinion and I think I share this with a great many folks. So let us sample the product okay, and on this Sunday evening my time, why not take some time to laugh as well while we are at it.


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