I have come to the conclusion, she’s a type 5 racist.

It seems hard to believe, Oprah Winfrey a racist? Well via her own words this week, uh yes, and not just a benign racist but the most dangerous of all. Her level of racism calls for the extermination of an entire group of people. Essentially this would dictate she is a “Black Nazi” and that is not the only example either.

Now for those that do not know. Some years ago, I got to authoring several novels dealing with racism and had to figure up a scale on the ascending levels of racism. So to explain further here is what I figured out.

The Levels of Racism
Type 1 Racist.) Everybody by nature and their beliefs is a racist. We are naturally a racist because we are separated from others within the world by race, creed, color, religion and gender. Now with that said you may not like it, but welcome to being a racist. Does that make you a bigot though or worse in your beliefs and actions? By no means, but consider we are all at least a type one racist to someone else different than us, even if we love them and are the best of friends. Now let us move forward and see the levels that separate the great majority of grand folks around the globe from what gets worse. Remember that we really are one world, one people; but that we must acknowledge our differences above, than forget those differences for the love of others, otherwise you may fall into a category higher than a type 1.

Type 2 Racist.) This type of person or organization could be classified as angry or thoughtless slip of the tongue. Just stupid words at the wrong time in front of the wrong people. There is little meant in the comments. This also could be identified as a misappropriated action, that is mistakenly interpreted as a racist bigoted act. In essence these people or organizations may be more a victim themselves of labeling by those who accuse them of racism than they actually are. It depends what comes from their heart and soul.

Type 3 Racist.) The Archie Bunkers of the world, or better known as bigots. They don’t really hate a specific person, but are comfortable with their bigoted status quo of yesteryear. They may complain a lot, but are highly unlikely to do anything about it. However, they are set in their ways and believe in what they say. For the most part, these people or organizations are brazen enough to openly admit they are a bigoted racist, but are willing to work side by side with the group they are racist against. In general they are not a major threat to those who they are opposed to, though they can in rare occasions become opportunistic should the right circumstances create a victim for them, and thus can be manipulated into the next level of racism, either by choice or circumstances.

Type 4 Racist.) These groups or individuals are more prone to committing crimes such as a cross or church burning. For the most part they will demonstrate and try to provoke and sell hatred to further their own goals. While they are prone only to smaller crimes, their message is quite clear, and in some instances they are capable of becoming a type 5 racist.

Oprah Winfrey’s comments fit into the next group of racist type. I will play her words for you in a moment to verify what I am stating is true.

Type 5 Racist.) This group is very dangerous, because they believe in this as a cause. Extermination of others that do not fit into this group. Murder is a means to an end and the execution of others outside their culture or religion is their prime directive. They show no mercy or remorse for their actions. They have no heart. They brag of their accomplishments and are easily able to commit murders such as dragging a person in the gutter behind a truck, hanging a person, shooting a group of people of an opposite race, religion, creed or color, blowing up people.

and if you think Oprah Winfrey a woman billionaire who made her fortune off the backs of many white folks calling for the extermination of whites is the only one, you have another thing coming. Here are more examples.

Long known for black racism listen to what is being said. I feel the problem goes well beyond just Oprah. It is very widespread in this society and growing rapidly now.

and yet more Nazis calling for exterminating people who have gone out of their way to push for affirmative action and many programs, bemoaning white folks and other cultures, yet what you are hearing is what the Nazis did to people.

Jamie Foxx brags about killing whites and Hollywood is behind this too. Not just Nazi Black groups but Hollywood is pushing it. Now before you condemn this blog posting, hear what a real American has to say about these.

and more Americans speaking out.

and still more Americans speaking out.

and finally from someone on what the Obama administration and Obama are doing, causing this to flare up.

Finally thanks to these Black Men for speaking out as fellow Americans against the evil you heard in the clips above. Americans can stand against this and should.


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