So They Let Toyotas In!

Okay so Nascar is no longer just American companies and for good reason. Just look where most American car parts come from and even cars are made. Pontiac GTO – Australia. Chevrolets soon to be China. That brings questions, where is an American Stock Car industry to go? Well Toyotas are made by American hands, but they aren’t the only cars. A few years back, Nascar allowed Toyotas. I ask is it time to allow other brands that employ Americans? Well do consider.

Shouldn’t Honda’s be racing too? American hands are building Accords and Pilots. Hondas are being made in Marysville and Liberty Ohio, also Lincoln Alabama. That is correct, Americans are working building these and they are guess what? Great quality as well with many parts “Made in America” too. Surprisingly, they discovered American labor and pride at a time when Chrysler and especially General Motors are outsourcing much work.

And what about “The Ultimate Driving Machine” BMW? Yup, Americans are building those too and on American soil. Just look to Spartanburg South Carolina and there is the BMW plant pumping 8.8 billion bucks into the local economy employing American labor. Made in America? You bet and with quality and pride. And speaking of German cars there is another one being produced. Mercedes Benz is making American built vehicles in America for Americans.

Did you know that Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Hyundai all have plants making cars in America by Americans. In fact, many of these “Made in America” products are more American than a Chevy or other GM products.

If you think it stops here it does not. Both Volkswagen and KIA are both soon going to be making cars in America while the old American products vacate the American shores and people for slave labor in other countries, so where is Nascar’s loyalties? To brand names not made by Americans or brand names employing Americans? I must say the later, how about it Nascar.

And finally on cars Made in America by Americans. Talks have been ongoing on these brands, ready? Porsche! Ferrari, Lamborghini and finally Audi. These are foreign built brands but could be making cars here very soon. Porsche it has been rumored would love to open both a U.S.A. plant and also one in China.

Are we going to see these additional brands in Nascar races racing on the track? It is a new century, one foreign brand made by Americans already does quite well. It might be time for Nascar to indoctrinate other brands too. A solid olive branch could only make existing manufacturers more competitive. Time will tell, but I suspect we will see more brands on the Nascar circuit sooner rather than later.


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