More California Morons Part 2

And you wonder why California is one of the worst states to live in, less its physical beauty and great weather. Just watch a bunch of morons in California thanks to the great Mark Dice for showing us why the voters continue to screw themselves in this state and everyone else. This is for the entire country to watch, enjoy and remember these are “VOTERS” who probably vote too.

Americans are all allowed to vote, but with what you see these Americans doing here, perhaps it is time for Americans to understand and take a loyalty oath to the original constitution and voting to uphold it, or perhaps leave the country if they refuse to do so. Because all of the petitioners and many many more like them are destroying what freedoms still may exist through their stupidty. Anyhow, think I am joking, I am not. Watch the videos below. This shows why the country is in major trouble with communists allowed to control our public educational systems for decades.


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