What I am going to do from here on in with KTTV.

Say nothing more, let the KTTV Management have their way and trash it for Mr. Murdoch. The reason is why should I create heartache trying to be an honest voice that calls a broken product a broken product. Let the management remain clueless and trash what is potentially a very strong entertainment contender and not care anymore. Family said why should you care and they are completely right. Wasting my time when they are intent to keep it broken and sinking faster than a shy load of bricks over the Mariana Trench. So this will be my last KTTV post folks, best to leave it sink. I still highly respect Mr. Murdoch and wish him the very best, the businessman and gentleman he is. Better to put my most valuable commodity which is my time into authoring more fiction for my readers. Stay great my fellow viewers, just know that someone here called it as honest as possible. Now I can get more rest in the mornings and forgo wasting time watching Simon Cowell’s latest endeavor becoming a huge “TANK!”

Over and out, a former KTTV viewer who cared.



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3 responses to “What I am going to do from here on in with KTTV.

    • I don’t think you are the real person you post as. But okay, let us try something. The real Kevin T. Hale can bring my comments to a close and prove at the very same time he is the “REAL” deal by unblocking me on twitter, following me on twitter and in a personal Message on twitter, instead of being silent, start talking and in a friendlier manner. But then again I have doubts you are who you post as here. Replies such as yours with “Poopoo” are really unbecoming and lack the great substantive dialog of someone in control of a major television affiliate. So now you can go to Twitter and prove that you, the poster here, are who you really claim to be.

  1. I am being asked now by a number of folks not to abandon my commentary on KTTV, but I have decided to do just that and here is why. The only thing it will accomplish is just glorifying bad management and having more stress in my life. I honestly believe this and this alone. If people just ignore KTTV’s bad schedule, eventually it will get so bad that upper management will make changes. This is how the market works, besides, when someone gives honest advice to fix something, they don’t care a crap at KTTV Management. I know, because as a longtime viewer I tried. So why bother anymore. Broccoli Head just blocked my twitter and unfollowed me for trying to blog great advice. Just not worth the hassle folks. Good luck!

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