Liz and Kevin got it right, Steve Edwards got it wrong, let me explain.

Watching GDLA and FOX KTTV this morning, I couldn’t help but shove my two cents in. First with the lovely smokin’ hot Liz Habib. Liz, you were correct, you cannot ban a word or words no matters how vile they are if you want to preserve freedom. Steve you are dead wrong, you cannot allow one group of people the exclusive usage of a bad word and bar it from everyone else. Now I will explain this further as I have blogged here about bad words in the past being a published author and poet. Let us make all of you frown for a moment, make my moral Christian friends here, their jaws drop. Here are bad words, ready and if you have kids, please cover their eyes.

Fuck,shit,piss,cunt,cocksucker,nigga,nigger,kike,spic,chink,wop,mick,honkey and I’ll throw in whitee followed by the legal bitch and bastard. Now, you just read the bad words and there are others like for example in Spanish you have the famous word Puta. Are your bones broken? No! Are you still alive? Yes. Why did the following words not kill you, or even really affect you, because in the context of this example they did not and anyone who is affected, get a thicker skin cause the first amendment protects all words and speech good and bad. Now if you threaten to “KILL” someone the word kill being bad in that context, that is different. The main point here and a USC Professor linguist backs me up.

When you ban a word because it offends others, you “EMPOWER THE WORD” got it? When you use the word frequently in benign usage it becomes diluted within society. When you “BAN A WORD” get ready for a very long list, because you have to ban many words including words that sound like the bad word. For example, Jigger, Bigger, Snicker, how about a Snickah Bar? Steve you and I are Jewish, should we ban the word Kite because it sounds like Kike? How about the name Mike, oh and let us ban the word Bike and Hike on the Pike. Use the words, dilute them and they lose meaning. As for the player punished I agree with Liz should never have happened. You cannot give a group of people a pass and ban everyone else. That is a form of enslavement and discrimination, of course my not being politically correct Steve and being an American with freedoms am not in a group banned of speaking any word I like.

Now on to Mister Hale. Governor Baldy blows with the wind. He is going to stiff whomever he can depending on who pays his pocketbook in the end. The guy was a total whackjob with the Medfly mess and Judge Rosebird and he is an ever bigger thug now in my humble opinion. The people running the once golden, now fools gold state continue to make it into a complete hell hole. When they dismantle prop 13 and they will, all those families that voted for the party with a “D” will end up having helped make it much harder on themselves and will deserve what they got. Here, want to see Californians in action watch who voted for Brown and the super majority and you will understand why the state and country are in major trouble.


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One response to “Liz and Kevin got it right, Steve Edwards got it wrong, let me explain.

  1. Okay so I got flak. Let me simply explain to those too thick headed not to understand. When you can no longer utter a word for whatever reason, you no longer have liberty and freedom and thus you set up to ban other freedoms including other words. When you allow a specific group of people to speak a word but not others, you are making that said group privilege and you are discriminating against others. You can not get rid of discrimination by practicing it, got it? Freedom is not free when you ban a piece of it. Yes there are bad words, there will always be bad words. When do we realize they can do nothing. Sticks and stones and I’ll leave it there.

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