Kevin T. Hale and Bloggers.

He evidentaly is okay on doing his speaking briefs at FOX KTTV when it suits him, but dare someone complain about how the station is run and this is what I got. Kevin unfollowed me, a clear slap in the face, then blocked me a clear kick in the teeth, and no Kevin, I am not backing down. I am a blogger who cares and speaks honestly. Actually I am a strong ally to FOX and Mr. Murdoch and believe it or not, your endeavors. I speak out what I see. I am your customer, and you use the public airwaves and I am a member of the public. Let me give you an example Mr. Hale of what you should do.

Let’s say you go and purchase a brand new Cadillac Escalade. You work hard and you want to use it on the public roads to drive places. You spend your money, another commodity not as precious as my time, and you buy the product. It has wheels that fall off and you are thus not able to use the public road, because the product is a piece of crap and you bought it…..With me so far? So you have this car and it doesn’t work, boy oh boy are you up a creek where transportation is concerned. You go to complain to the dealership by calling them and they block your number. They don’t want to hear from you, product is still broken. Frustrating huh the way they treat you as a customer.

Then they block you from the public roads because of their defective product so you manage to hitch a ride to the dealership and guess what. They lock the doors on you. That’s right, they don’t want to talk to you about their defective piece of crap, they do not care about you. By blocking bloggers voices who want KTTV to be the very best, you essentially deliver bad, bad, very bad, bad service. Of course the big guy running Cadillac starts to ask why their sales are down, much like TV ratings—aye? Because I am a customer, a voice, and I happen to blog what I see on TV. I have that freedom because I am a member of the public and you use the public airwaves. Do something right I’ll praise you like my last blog, I actually agreed with you on Prop 13, thank you for that. But treating your viewers, your customers to locked doors, ignoring their complaints when something is broken does you a bigger injustice then it does your viewers. They can always change the channel and then you lose big.

Business 101: “No business ever won an argument with their customers.”

No, I don’t want to work at FOX, okay, it is your job, your business there. But as a viewer a customer of a product I am complaining and now I am complaining of lousy service response from the manager of the product facility. I think the public is on my side on this, because I am one of them. I wonder how they will feel when you begin blocking all of them as well. How about it general public and viewers, how do you feel? How can someone publish a voice on behalf of the public when he treats them like crap.

Have a nice day!


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