ABC helped kill All My Children again!

The network known as “A Bunch of Crap” ABC helped kill AMC for TOLN by borrowing characters from the new rebooted AMC. This embroiled TOLN with ABC in lawsuits or a lawsuit. This certainly didn’t help the old series. Don’t forget former ABC exec Brian Frons whose initials are “BF” (get what you want out of that) helped sabotage the old series through changes in writers. That began sabotaging the storylines to bad writing. By authoring weak plots and making characters well known to viewers do what the characters were not known for, it weakened greatly the old soap opera. This has been verified through past comments from both acting and production talents of the older AMC series.

ABC’s recent spat meddling into the TOLN affairs further killed AMC and probably OLTL for good. But I won’t put everything on just ABC, it takes two to tango. I blame the AMC production for trying to go upscale for the net. Further, TOLN’s marketing to the public made it extremely difficult to even view their show.

Throw in Hulu plus versus the free Hulu and people on devices such as Roku, used AMC to try and skim extra bucks off their customers. Most viewers rejected paying to watch what once was free. Yeah a few diehard fans did, but that was it. So essentially because it was mainly on itunes or on hulu plus for sale helped keep the AMC market small. In addition did it pass the smell test of old with old viewers of the series?

No, the new AMC was upscale, brash, moved fast and remained confusing. Yes the older cast members returned, but it just didn’t have the old series feel and that was an additional turn off for viewers. Adding all of these events together managed to kill the series a second time and probably for good. Oprah Winfrey’s network was supposed to get involved, but this too was up in the air.

Another network I shall not name could have capitalized on this mistake and snatched up both AMC and OLTL establishing a midday soap, but decided not to. I believe this would have given said network a serious afternoon audience coupled with revamped writing on the shows by good production talents. A shame, but in the case of All My Children, 1969 till 2013 was a long run and the show does come from an older more elegant age in television when networks were interested in the arts rather than the quick fast bucks they can save.


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