So what’s going on in the world today?

Well let’s try our hand at sailing.

I don’t think he’ll get a yacht cup for this. Talk about heading for the docks.

Another odd thing going around. You watch and you decide. Leaves more questions than were answered.

You know, every now and then I like to take a break from the world and watch some odd stuff, just to remind me we still have some sanity left if a little. Or perhaps a little insanity as well. Anyhow just enjoy, muse what strange things the world has to offer us. Makes for great authoring material for authors of fiction though 😉

Before you discount the above film, take a look at the clip below from 1966, how many years ago was that?

Yeah right, then again who knows what they have built. How about some ghostly fun at night? Pasadena has a notoriously haunted place called the Enchanted Forest. Just for fun, let’s see what they are doing at night time.

and finally to cap it off. Everyone loves rides. So with no further hadoo, why not have a little fun.

and finally some hang time, enjoy the ride, you won’t find me on it. Yes you are more than just a bit forward on that first downhill. I do know who like this thought…TAKEETS! :p


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