Okay another approach.

Family said I was too hard on Miley. So here goes a different approach to a young adult.

Miley, you have a superstar status and you do not have to act like this. Instead, get great song writers and sing great tunes. Be yourself, not an x-rated icon. Learn from those who were successful especially in the musical business that there are limitations and pushing those way beyond the normal bounds leads to failure. Yes there will be those who follow you, but you will not win the hearts and minds of the overall world.

Right now, people look at you as a young slut overall. This is very sad, because you have fame, some fortune and you have a very brilliant future ahead of you. The gamble to be this type of icon is destroying your longterm career.

I knew Gloria Pall, she was a personal friend of mine. She was a major pinup girl in her younger days (but never nude) and also a cameo queen in over 70 flicks. She was also Elvis Presley’s first romance and they lasted as close friends till his death. Gloria in real life never took any smut roles and she abhorred cursing. Even I got an earful for some of my literary work — talk about stringent! Gloria was a clean wholesome person who stuck to her old values and an older America too. She worked with many big name talents such as Elvis, Kirk Douglas etc. and said they were all of these better cultural mannerisms. There was something about them that made them truly great and it wasn’t smoking joints on stage or twerking in an outfit ready to fall off. Whomever is advising you to act like this is really giving your career a bad direction, but then again that is just my humble opinion.


As for my late friend Gloria, what she did say of Elvis and this stuck with me to this day was that he was a true Southern Gentleman and a very sweet kind human being. He was also clean, didn’t do more than his little dance which caught flack back in the 50’s, but overall he was clean. You didn’t see him tongue kissing guys on stage or smoking a joint. What you did crossed the line way past twerking. You have a great future if you keep it clean or a despicable one if you continue the path you are on.

The world will judge you Miley Cyrus on what you do. Please try and be that angel and not go down a dark decrepit path. Bring great songs to people, enjoy being a part of a better world and you. You have right now, those rare opportunities, don’t blow it! Billions around the globe would give almost anything to have what you have. It only comes along for a very very few once in a lifetime and then it fades and is finally gone. Protect what you have, create as a great young artist, and most of all enjoy life, but the right, not the wrong way.

There!!! to my family members who said my first blog was critically too harsh, I have tried another approach in my blogs. I doubt it will make a difference though. But if it does, then it will have helped perhaps someone with a very bright future to live it clean and right. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, I just hope this great talent as Miley Cyrus gets it right before it truly is too late cause that would be a damned shame, and I’ll leave it there folks. Now onto my next blog 😀


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