KaChang!!! Julie Chang finally does what an entertainment reporter should be doing.

You know, I was a bit harsh at first but did reserve judgment. Newscorp heavyweight entertainment reporter Julie Chang took a page from my old comments, well maybe she didn’t but she is on to something.

I posted in a blog some year or two back that one thing they could do at FOX was to get Dorothy Loooooooooooosssssssssseeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy (sorry Dorothy but there is something about pronouncing it so elongated, it seems to flow naturally 😉 ) off that chair and in the field. Dorothy Lucey was an entertainment reporter right, and a good one when she concentrated on being a good one. The problem was they had Dorothy in studio reading the scandal mags on celebrities and that was not doing viewers justice at all. I said what viewers wanted from the entertainment reporter was a number of things I will reiterate.

1.) Show us Hollywood, the physical town the many small businesses, those people.

2.) Go onto sets in production, lets meet the folks making the magic. Julie did do that this morning, and for this I credit her for taking that step with management at KTTV, it was nice to see, and viewers need to see more of it.

3.) Show viewers how productions work, entertain and educate us not just on the celeb end, but show what hard work goes into productions, the behind the camera people.

4.) Highlight those who have not yet made it in the biz, introduce us to that waiter, the bellhop at a Hollywood hotel and others … this goes right back to comment # 1, show us the real Hollywood.

5.) Forget who had sex with who, who got arrested, dwindle that segment down to near nothing. I don’t need to view the tragedy of a star who blew their chances to really do something billions of others will never get the chance to do, instead concentrate on the celebrities who have or are making it big. Show their human sides, have them talk to viewers, share ideas, in other words stop be cardboard cut out fantasies of a fantasy industry and show they are real folks. Let’s meet their pets, go shopping with them as people.

If GDLA did this, they would seriously bolster their show in ways it is not. They would be vastly differing. Get out of the studio, get in the field and oh one last thing to report.

Hollywood is also a town of broken dreams. Make sure to show a few alleys and the people who live in cardboard shanties who never did make it. Highlight to viewers that while  being on top is nice, ritzy and glitzy, there is also fallout for those who didn’t get the breaks. Yeah I know it runs contrary, but you want to do something, start showing there is a price to pay for not making it big. I don’t think GDLA could do anything more humanitarian than that!


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