What is Hollywood These Days?

Well, if you ask me, it’s a very big mess and getting worse. Many are beginning to lose their jobs in the industry. I know of a number of folks in production formerly that are heading towards the soup lines unfortunately. Now while an ultra competitive field, it doesn’t have to be totally like that.

When you say the name Hollywood, many think of 21st Century Fox Studios, Universal Studios, the WB etc. MGM comes to mind and a host of other names like for example Tri Star etc. What Hollywood actually is, is thousands of businesses in an ultra-competitive environment. Oh C’mon, you got to be kidding, no I’m not. You’d be surprised at how vast the industry is in Southern California. There are many smaller offices at work in addition to the big studio productions and many smaller studios throughout the region here and elsewhere. There is of course the normal productions such as lighting, craftsmen, sound, plants, food catering too. Oh yes, there must be logistics support for productions, before (pre production) during the main production and finally after (post production) and it goes well past that. Businesses for promotional materials, other legal permits, the list goes on and on and on. So it is more than several large studios. Yes you do see these all the time, but the real magic is amongst tens of thousands of talents and support people you do not necessarily see except perhaps in credits.

Also, there is little mention though it is mentioned from time to time. Many outside industries rely on Hollywood as well. This starts to run into the billions of dollars when you tally everything up. Cars and trucks, aircraft must be maintained. Nearby restaurants and hardware places. Then there is the internet sales and equipment sites. With all of this going on, a number of problems actually are plaguing the industry as a whole. I hear piracy fairly often but it is much more than that.

Let’s try politics and image.

Did it ever dawn on actors and producers that when they open their big yappers to preach government propaganda or worse yet, manipulative communism that they are alienating like 70% of the country? I mean Obamacare is going to be written into TV shows and movies to get the public to enslave itself into a government product they mostly do not want. See, there’s a major problem, because Hollywood as an industry when they do this kills their own products, turns people away from spending money. In fact it angers viewers and fans alike. Remakes!

Yeah remakes are supposed to be a sure bet, right? WRONG! Some remakes do so-so while the greater majority tank. How many Titanic’s can people take? How many A-Teams? People don’t want remakes. Not only that, but the newer remakes also kill product sales on DVD of the older version as well. Since most new remakes flop, it becomes a double whammy for the new production and old production that relies on sales of their older product.

Same old actors. I know for a fact the one thing acting talent fears more than anything is “FADING” away! Actors are paranoid about this and for good reason. When I started this topic, I described it as Ultra-Competitive. There is always newer, younger, cheaper, faster and just generally better.

An example. The Film business of providing various film stocks for shooting films. Used to be a must for all productions. Nope, not anymore. These days it is all digital. Plug in the camera and or in some instances send it wifi to the editing system and it is good to go. Edit and burn direct to DVD or upload for a movie stream. It changed and actually changed for the cheaper and better, but it also put people out of work.

So now after exploring what Hollywood is, here is what I can say in a quite resolute and resounding fashion. “It ain’t what it used to be!”


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