KTTV’s Losses Mount with Loss of Heidi S. Cuda!

As if it wasn’t bad already, with the official loss of such a resource production and celebrity as Ms. Heidi S. Cuda, KTTV cripples its production and it doesn’t stop there.

The angelic reporter, producer and author and poet represented raw talent and that talent is not as easily replaceable as it might seem. Yes there are a lot of fine folks out there also talented, but it takes time to train someone. Time to begin capitalizing on the talent and time to produce content on a consistent basis. I am not only talking about the before the camera work here, but everything leading up to it and then behind the scene additional production help both pre and post production as well. Like erhmm, writing someone’s story ideas for them to go on TV. I have always said an all women’s news team with what was there would have been great for viewers and probably soared in viewership too.

My original dream team were the two anchors Miss Christine Devine and Miss Laura Diaz, Liz Habib on sports, Heidi S. Cuda special report, Gina Silva on local anchor and on weather for FOX to snag Vera Jimenez away from KTLA. It would have been the perfect package. At 10PM have the guys do a segment, but that is not how things work or would have worked. This is unfortunate as it would have been very interesting indeed.

The big problem here are “KEY” resource people especially on the behind-the-camera production end. Heidi exuded these talents and so FOX has lost a great long term resource. In the end, viewers will suffer probably for the short to mid term.

Of all the media businesses, I find the new business to probably be one of the most treacherous and having known a number of celebrities and this certainly applies to “news celebrities” and productions too, there is always the worry of falling out of fame and or work.

I suspect in Ms. Cuda’s case, she will begin soaring and go quite far as she unfolds in new directions. To Ms. Heidi S. Cuda, you will be sorely missed, hopefully things work out well for you.

What KTTV can learn is to change their internal temperament where the work place is concerned, hang onto their talents and grow them from there. Viewers such as myself certainly deserve far better and I think I speak for many other viewers about KTTV’s products when it comes to comments.


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