Forget Flash Mob…

Instead get used to Flash Rob.

Yes, we now live in the age when young people have decided since there are no jobs (pissed away by former and current politicians) to earn enough money to buy something, why, they’ll just all go at once and take it. Kind of like the zombies in World War Z all running down a hallway at once. Arms outstretched, looking to get what they can. The problem goes much deeper too. It is a society on collapse, and I can illustrate it connects to a family values situation as well as education.

Now you saw American youths above. A short youtube trailer courtesy of Mr. Lucas youth based on real life. If you want to see how American Youths lived, check out American Graffiti.

Light years from desperate thuggery, this was American youths living life, dreaming dreams. They had family, homes, cars, cheap gas, great music not about raping people and killing cops but instead about dancing, romance, places and their cars. A real America. Oh how times have changed and not for the better. Yes it’s a movie, but it reflects a culture while somewhat rambunctious and at times trying, a more innocent time when you could for the most part safely walk the streets at night. Not in all places but most.

When I was a young man, we had after school jobs. Washing cars, serving burgers etc.

Today, those jobs are mostly taken by low scale workers especially “ILLEGAL ALIENS” yes I said that, cause I am not politically correct.

Kids finishing high school in my day were either getting a first old clunker car to drive when they got their license at 16 years of age or a motorcycle to get around. More importantly, there was value, tremendous value in working for something and getting it. There was also pride and independence. Those essential things that help build character are lacking today for many young folks.

While there are kids working hard in school, what remains for them in the work force is non existent. No opportunities to earn money, because low skill workers and these days with entire industries disappearing, college high skill workers are snapping up what low pay jobs remain, thus there is “NOTHING, NADA, ZIPPO, SQUAT” for American youths. This is why this is happening. It is sad, but true. Are Obama’s thugs also behind this? One never knows, but for the most part I suspect it’s the former rather than the latter.

Until the United States starts employing youth again, you will probably see this accelerate even more.


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