Simon’s and MINE!

While long gone from American Idol, lots of gossip, throw in maybe something short of a scandal or two, and the X-Factor’s viewership declining, major big budgets and costly hype to FOX, I think  Simon Cowell has issues, major issues.

Now while this is happening, it reminds me of the ant and the lion. If Simon had the “VISION” he might think smaller than the ritz and glitz shows. Even American Idol’s ratings have declined. I originally stated this was due to the firing of Miss Paula Abdul, an American favorite and a sweetheart of a human. There is a reason they call her “America’s Girl” unlike the recent rise of certain, erhmmm,  twerking their tongues celebs in front of millions.

So while the “X-Factor” is tanking towards a submarine status in a crash dive situation, what is needed is someone sharp to illustrate what would work.

First you would need a show that doesn’t cost a big fortune or even a small one. Throw in the audience dancing, wanting for viewer participation, great music sexy and “with it” hosts. Several small gimmicks for fun to keep em guessing. A musical celeb for lip syncing or the real deal singing. Oh and a season long competition with a season ender. Finally, get the sponsors interested. Sponsor a car give away, a lifetime of a product, oh and in each competition allow internet voting. Nobody loses, you have 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners per competition.

I actually have such a show, and if my show were to be against the X-Factor I can almost certainly say, you’d be watching my dial. Why, because what I have is fun. It requires your votes, and it encourages you to enjoy and dance with the music. Musical guests, like a party and at the end of the show, the balloons and confetti drop. Compare to judges and the X-Factor and mine is cheaper. My show fascinates viewers, the music is just great and it’s American too.I might be an ant, but I can assure you I can get much more distance on a flying leaf than a lion with a thorn stuck in his paw. Diana Ross and the Supremes singing a tune with the audience dancing, including TV viewers. Yeah it can happen, I have the show format. Simon you don’t have this either, a real show format. My show proposal would. Not just Americans love this music, but it spans genres of age, gender and continents. You might be trying to do a show of today, but from my ant’s point of view, I see so much that your lion eyes do not, by merely looking backward. By doing that, I can leap light years ahead of what you have.
So essentially, where X-Factor is tanking which also costs FOX viewership. My idea of small could easily turn out to be quite big. Ironic how “Simplicity can do wonders where expected wonders don’t exist.”


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