America Under The Democrats, you decide!

So going back to years when more conservative values existed I had to drag things from memory to compare then and now, after all you have between the Clinton’s and Obama’s 16 years collectively of essential communism and totalitarian rule. Now even the last Bush administration, Bush admitted he began practicing socialism the last two years. So with no further hadoo let us look at the real America and today’s AmeriKa under the installed communists.

and this America. A safer America with freedom.

and how about this real America 😉

and what about America here.

and today, you get Al and Hal, how’s that for a tongue kissing date?

This is what your Democrats want for your country, aren’t they a cute couple?

And of course everyone has a job so they can go shopping, like this next video where they go to get food.

and don’t forget people who have voted for the new AmeriKa, an improved country like these folks.

and they want change. Remember the first videos here in this post of America, well these people want AmeriKa for themselves and you!

and the truth for today’s AmeriKa.

and finally, the past where an original constitutional America existed, and the freedoms Americans felt, traveling and enjoying, prospering and living a cleaner better life in a very strong and mostly safe country I remember. I hope no matters what you just watched, that America is worth fighting for. Here is America as I remember it. These lifestyles were very common back then.

Who doesn’t remember those winters back East? What fun kids had after school and at the holiday time in the real America.

You also could buy a car without smog checks from your government.

Cadillac at one time was the best, the very best. You drove one of these, you were King or Queen of the road.

You had the freedom to visit any doctor you wanted and medical insurance was cheap, in fact in America medical insurance wasn’t even an after thought.

and thanks to that communist scumbag Ezekiel Emanuel and his dirty thug friends you get Amerika and communism, suffering.


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