Archie Bunker used to tell Stivic he was dead from the neck up. To bad it applies to the actor playing him. Tinselturd Rob Reiner says Obama is like Ronald Reagan and a centrist. Is this fat Hollywood has been for real? And the more this idiot uttered words, the more Archie Bunker’s slogan made sense. Where is Archie when we need him now? Here, listen to this Tinselturd. Then I’ll get on to a guest that really churns my guts. But first for those that want to see what stupid looks like, watch the clip.

Now here is what we really should have.

And I rest my case on Meathead, dead from the neck up only in real life.

Now, what got me going this morning was on the Sunday Morning FOX show with Chris Wallace, a guy I actually admire greatly. He had on two guests discussing Obamacare. The architect a certain Ezekiel Emanuel talked over everyone else like a typical POLIturd that he is. And you people wonder why people hate Jews, and for those that don’t know, I am quite Jewish, so any fellow Jews out there that think that comment is out of line, no it came from a Jew…got it!

This guy knew Obama was lying and sanctions it. He reminds me of a thug that just got released from the Van Nuys jails and stupors out onto Van Nuys boulevard from a trash ridden alley.

This Obama guy couldn’t even respect others to let them talk. What an irritating thug to enslave others.

Chris even told this asshole to let the other guy talk and he couldn’t even have the respect or dignity to let the other guy talk. This guy makes me sick and is a prime example why Jews in America who are liberals or communists will lose power and fall from grace. By the way, I know many fine fellow Jews who are smart, hard working and conservative and they condemn dreck like this guy.


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