Tinseltown Slogans for Idiots!

First there is what Dr. Michael Savage to his credit coined as “Hollysluts” and these he attached originally to people like Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears etc. Not bad and they certainly would seem to qualify from their public adventures. So let’s build on it.

I have for a very long time had a label for those who are assholes in entertainment and media productions and acting talents too. I call these appropriately “Tinselturds” which has suited me well for a long time since I have come to know a fair amount of these people, and let me be very clear, the ones I meant were actually far worse than this label implies. The media industry really attracts some major low life scumbags out there. Trust me, just read the Hollywood tabloids and the Tinselturds are making headlines shooting off their bigmouths.

But what about pop culture icons? 😉 Got them covered too. I want to roll out my (drum roll please)

tada! “POPSLUT” Yup you got it, thanks to Hannah Montana actress trying to be raunchy, I was able to invent the official “POPSLUT” thanks Miley, you made it very easy for this American. And for the politicians well, you have,

“Politurds” which case I am sure I can start with a stupid gerbil first for selling out America.

John McChipmunk

John McChipSmuck


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