Sansone perfect for that seat, KaChang!

I don’t know about all of you, but honestly I find Maria Sansone to have been well picked for the GDLA and News seats. It took KTTV a while, but this they got right. Now before I go on why I like Maria Sansone, let me state that the Jillian and Dorothy hosts could have been managed better. Example, the management could have told them how they were to conduct themselves online. That being the case, the fix was in by late 2012 and the hosts were to be replaced. One for “preaching” sex nearly every morning instead of preaching GOD and the other one for preaching themselves with consistent obnoxiousness.

Maria Sansone is a very different hostess and co-host for GDLA. She is cutesy, smart, has great looks and a well balanced personality. I don’t think Jillian ever stood a replacement chance once the decision for the axe came. In Jillian’s problem it wasn’t just obnoxiousness, it was no show’s, being late on the freeway. For God sakes you are getting a million bucks a year and you can’t be up earlier? Dressing whorish for many episodes, I guess when you got it flaunt it, oh and the talk about sex, sex, sex. In Dorothy’s case it was even worse. Dorothy billed herself as a church mom yet preached sex everything almost every morning. In Dorothy’s case the axe fell because she was out of control. Again, management could have gotten this nailed early on, but chose not to and it festered. In comes Julie Chang, a well protected heavyweight from New York and Newscorp. Dorothy never stood a chance, but could have. Steve was smart enough to lock down in a long term contract and even more important, remain the very gentleman he is. I met the man briefly, and I can attest to this.

With Sansone, it clicks. Steve is sort of like a father, and Maria Sansone like a pretty daughter. In Julie Chang’s case, can she really do no wrong? Honestly, both ladies have settled in for the long haul, though ratings still remain down from competitors for the time being. That is because the underlying issue of recognizing the viewers and their habits, increasing news competition and show formats are working against KTTV and probably varying extents of other FOX outlets elsewhere. You have to bear in mind that media is an ultra competitive business and there is no accurate predictions here. My comments are instead based on careful observation mixed with common sense. Low morale and consistent turnover amongst work peers also comes into play. Bad management can contribute to all of these issues. Don’t get me wrong. I really don’t want to see anyone lose their job, and I don’t want KTTV to tank. I want them to get back to the top of their game. My criticism though sometimes harsh is honest, comes from the viewer’s heart 😉

You see, you cannot fix a problem if you don’t understand what created the breakage to start with. Once you know what is broken, the resolution to fixing it becomes an easy snap. You know what to tweak, replace or do and then it all works again. As mentioned, there are no sure-fire predictions that are spot on in the entertainment and news businesses. But there is common sense and the viewer (as a customer) should be heeded, especially if they take their gracious time to comment on how to make something better. Mine is only one voice, but it is probably the most direct and honest voice KTTV will ever get. As for Maria Sansone, it will be interesting to watch her grow at GDLA for as long as the show lasts, hopefully a very long time. In Julie Chang’s case I suspect she is a climber of careers and will no doubt eventually move towards a different and higher goal should that opportunity present itself.

In the case of Mr. Steve Edwards and Misses Lisa Breckenridge, we just love you folks. You bring order to chaos…always and that’s what helps make it all still work. Now, if GDLA could stop being a news extension and become the entertainment show it was meant to be and build on that, I think it will soar in the ratings and nothing would make this (viewer) customer happier with the product than that!


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