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DVD Movies Christmas Picks For 2013

Okay, each year around this time I have decided to post the movies I most like, and here they are for viewing. They don’t have to be from this year.

Western. I like John Wayne in “Chisum” – This Louise L’Amore version is loosely based on the Lincoln County Wars so there is some fictionalized true story here. Lots of action, subplots, believable characters and romance from an era long gone, wild and free. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Sci-Fi my pick are several new Sci-Fi’s. I like World War Z, I know, another zombie flick, but this one actually had credibility not just zombies from the ground, but rather from an illness. I feel this is one of the better flicks out there, plot was straight forward, FX excellent, acting brisk and production spot on. Not for kids or feint of heart but most movie goers will like this.

My second Sci-Fi pick goes to the Tom Cruise thriller “Oblivion” as I feel these two flicks were the best of the best this season and make excellent stocking stuffers.

Drama Comedy has to go to the 1979 “North Dallas Forty” starring Nick Nolte. Inside look at sports injuries but a great flick. In these younger times, Nick did some great stuff and he was a hunk for the ladies as well. So going back I would have to say this is a winner and funny while dramatic and a bit of action looking inside an NFL franchise and what makes it tick.

Holiday Special I must go back for kids to the Rankin Bass animated “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” The late 1950’s but it does illustrate another time.

These are my picks this year. I know there are other genres and many many titles, but this is what I am endorsing this year as flicks to get and enjoy.


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Now who is just a great guy on TV?

You know, there are so many “Tinselturds” out there it is hard to pin one down these days, but I must admit this guy just is great to watch, funny too.

Now be forewarned, there is some fowl language in this video clip, but hey, it’s a special night, I just blogged some heavy negatives and so now it is time to kick back and maybe pull a laugh or two.

I think of all the people on the tube, Steve Harvey is probably one of the funniest and also most likeable personalities as well. Here’s to you Steve 🙂

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NASCAR Schmucks 2014

So one more year of Crapcar Racing from those who don’t understand they should broadcast every race from coast to coast if they want to grow a national sport. But then again, who ever said someone with the initials “BF” who inherited a national sport was smart? I didn’t. Instead, to this very very longtime racing fan, this guy is a dumb moron who sells out for a fast buck and here is why. If he just went and negotiated the 2014 contract like the 2015, race fans wouldn’t be “SHUT OUT!” got it moron? How many times can this stupid idiot and his board understand that to grow a sport it must be known and for the sport to be known people have to see it and if they cannot see it, then what happens? “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!”

What part of this does the heads of a national sport called NASCAR not get. 2015 is well over a year away. How about 2014? How about you idiots fixing 2014 so fans don’t get stiffed again by a fast buck artist who has helped trample a national sport and oh, let us talk about something else that irks me while I am at it, namingly the greatest stock car driver in history, Mr. Jimmie Johnson. It seems to me that NASCAR has gone out of its way to make sure Jimmie doesn’t win cups. Why? Are you folks really that stupid, I mean honestly, you have one of the greatest marketing tools here in this driver and his team and you do everything to make sure he doesn’t win. Every chance you thugs get, you trounce this driver. Why do you give Greg Biffle a pass when he causes accidents and mayhem? Can’t answer it can ya when you have a rigged game. To screw Jimmie, you did away with the wing on cars, penalize his team every opportunity sometimes as far as I am concerned with trumped up charges. He gets in an accident and here comes the Nascar officials, Biffle does it and he gets a pass. Why? And that folks is another point I stress. On top of that the sports media press in part attacks Jimmie Johnson for every little thing. How about some leeway guys. You truly have a very gifted and talented athlete and it is time to treat him with the very respect that Jimmie, Chad and the rest of that team deserve.

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I wouldn’t buy another God Damned Ketchup again!

From the Heinz company. The wife can stick a wire hanger up his ass and that wouldn’t do it for me.

Honestly. This POS and the POTUS less the T and U POS both negotiated without congress, a treaty. Isn’t the U.S. Congress supposed to negotiate a treaty? Who is this ketchup creep commie, someone who betrayed his own fighting men and women in favor of the communist enemy?


Keri is nothing more than a commie as far as I am concerned and the wife is a complete whack job. And this guy is making your foreign policy as a total ass-kisser to the POTUS. See, commies all work together. Back in Nam the reason he got shot was someone shot him in the ass, makes me wonder just how many of his fellow soldiers really liked this idiot.

Now if you really wanna do damage, demand to use and purchase products other than Heinz. Every dollar you spend less on this moron’s products is less money this nincompoop and commie can have to feather his flea ridden nest and isn’t that what makes capitalism grand? So with no further hadoo, what ketchup can you get?

the other big products.

and finally, for America’s Patriotic Ketchup I present…tada


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Today’s POV TG

Today’s POV is how to fix things. Be healthy and smart and eat Steamed Broccoli and most of all, don’t let it go to your head! Otherwise you become a Broccolihead Instead!

See here’s the deal. Rather than Broccolihead getting up and doing a POV, my POV trumphs his, because mine as a customer, a viewer calls for hauling in more production people and here is what Mr. POV can fix. No more sound gone with lip sync from reporters. No more cutting to commercials when a host or anchor is talking. No more video cut away they are talking about beef and instead we get more broccoli, get it? Picture disappears, people far away there one moment gone the next, then host covers mistake and back to cut away people. How’s that for a real POV? Confusing as heck right?

Oh and I don’t like Broccoli with Cheese. Now if you are like the plate above, steaming at the real problems, then off in Fantasyland giving us the government complaint POV with all Hail Hale. Maybe it would make watching the channel a real POV and not the I’m the general whatever, melting my cheese on my broccoli head.

In other words, instead of being steamed at me Mr. POV, get with it, fix the production glitches that occur almost every day and make KTTV FOX the quality the big guy demands. Either steam or get off the plate.


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A Freebe For KTTV If They Act Fast!

Okay let’s say the magic word for liberal talents…SEINFELD!

Everyone watches Seinfeld and I’m not just talking about old Jews. This series goes on and on and on and should have never been cancelled. Cancelling it was a major mistake. There is an old saying, strike while the iron is hot and this remained hot, hot, hot even to its end. Yeah we know Elaine went on to do a few shows, sexy lady too, even if she acts like a big commie-lib brainwashed by the other side.

And who could forget another lefty leaning actor but ultra talented none-the-less, George Costanza and his parents. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much.

and since they are a family, I wonder often about them…

Ben Stiller ah, the dysfunctional family and then there was a neighbor named Newman. I don’t know why, but whenever I see that name in Nascar I think of the mailman below.

and the postal worker description, wow, so dead on.

If FOX were wise, they would pull together George Kramer and Newman, George’s folks from time to time and make a brand new “HIT” comedy that dominates its time slot. And that is the FOX freebie for this week. Courtesy from an American author, poet and damned common sense person. A viewer who cares.

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Black NAZI’s attack Jews!

As if the comments by American Black Nazi Oprah Winfrey isn’t enough, her wanting white Americans slaughtered for her Type 5 Level Racist point of view, more young Black Nazi Gangs are going on the attack. This time Black Nazis are attacking or even slaughtering Jews.

Now if you don’t believe me, watch some of their work.

Blacks attacking a Jew.

That’s right, today’s new Nazis are finally on the move. Jews today, all other non black races tomorrow. Many Latinos and Asians are also in the white category, at what time will they be attacked?

They are not “AFRICAN Americans” they are Blacks, period. I refuse Hillary Clinton’s politically correct brain washing from that commie and these are what they are. Young black thugs acting as the brown shirts did before the full Nazi Party came to power. Watch again that video above of the blacks beating the white kid then watch the Nazis of old below and tell me it ain’t the same.

Learn that you can see the future and present through the past!

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