California the Green state…

Gives the big FU to green bicycle riders or those who ride zero-emission ebikes and trikes. The law currently discourages people from purchasing and using electric bicycles as legitimate transportation. In fact the national laws are even worse, yet gasoline cyclists are rewarded. One must actually question what and why California is using green politics for when they easily repress the green bicycle usage. Case in point. If you own a gasoline powered bicycle you can travel at 30mph legally on a 48cc engine. On an ebike you can have up to a 1 kilowatt electric motor but cannot travel beyond the speed of 20 mph as they would classify it as a motorcycle. Guys pedaling on poly carbon 33 speed bicycles can hit 40 plus mph legally and with a little more effort 50 mph plus. Not sustained of course but it is doable and imagine all the carbon benefit that is pumped into the air as well. Of course a 1 KW electric motored bicycle can hit 36 mph and cranks out zero emissions. All the rider on that must do is steer, be ready on the brakes, enjoy the wind at your face and yawn. The carbon footprint is minimal.

Another plus to ebike usage the state ignores is that the ebikes have very minimal if not almost nonexistent wear and tear on roads and bike paths. And speaking of bike paths, anyone notice how many joggers use them these days? Talk about playing dodge and I’m not talking Chrysler products here though they also make an electric bicycle. Don’t believe me aye! Well here is Chrysler Corps ebike below.

Yes a number of auto manufacturers see major usage for transportation yet the transportation laws in the green state of California have not recognized ebikes as anything more than an expensive hobby and in the end, without the state pushing for this technology as it claims in the press or the federal government doing so, this will remain an expensive niche hobby item that many folks will forgo when they buy a gasoline powered car and motorcycle and that’s a damned shame.


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