I’m actually re-warming up to Dorothy Lucey maybe!

I have stated here that Dorothy was completely out of control with sexualized comments especially during her last months of tenure at FOX. It also caused Misses Jillian Reynolds to go onto that topic as well. In a sense though, revisiting who they were, what they were doing, in hindsight, they were fixable from a production point of view. I think having a staff meeting and sitting both ladies down and giving them the rules, the lines, what can and cannot be crossed before the public was doable, so what went wrong?

Well, both ladies made it easier for KTTV to get rid of them and save big bucks in the long term. Did they have to? No, but they did. However as I just stated, it was a fixable situation. The problem is that they contributed to KTTV’s loss of viewers but were actually not the underlying problems that caused viewers to flee.

Those problems have still never really been addressed and run much deeper then anyone wishes to admit. The underlying problem mainly for which Dorothy and Jillian were gone was show format and viewing times. That is it in a nutshell and those issues still remain uncorrected. I am vetted in this analysis by the fact that two new hosts, a set redecoration were added and the numbers are still to a point, down!

So in a sense, Misses Lucey and Misses Reynolds dismissals did satisfy many viewers and also saved FOX money, but did not fix the underlying issues. While I blogged harshly on both ladies at GDLA and their morning acts, I could not have been as harsh as others in the general viewership were. One describe Dorothy as a Raisin on steroids, while another stated Jillian was an out and out erhmm, whore, and that wasn’t the only ones. Comments got even worse, but I’ll refrain here.

Looking back, during better times, when numbers were up and the viewership was differing, Jillian, Dorothy and Steve did click and quite well. Unfortunately for the KTTV management, they did not realize the real crux of why the show’s recent numbers were down and tossed both co-hosts on GDLA as sacrificial lambs while the real fire remains. Yes, Dorothy and Jillian made it easy for FOX and so did Jean Martirez for that matter, I just adored the frisky news co-host. Other sacrifices this management has made Tricia Takasugi, Mark Thompson (the dancing weatherman) oh how we have lost talents.


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