Just in time for Halloween, The KTTV horror continues.

The VP of news has resigned I have gotten word in the winds. Originally put in place to tap talent from Newscorp Kingsley Smith it has been said has resigned from the station. The problems continue to mount for the KTTV execs and GM Mr. Kevin Hale and honestly folks, this is very sad, because at one time KTTV was tops and should be. Newscorp and the great Rupert Murdoch have always been at the very top of their games and yet KTTV’s Horrors continue on a downhill slide perhaps past Halloween hell.

I have stated that KTTV is a mess especially in the morning lineup and now through most of the day too. What is distressing is how rapidly things seem to be dissipating there, because many great folks work hard very much to promote Mr. Murdoch’s products for Newscorp, yet it continues a downhill slide. Frustrating for people who want KTTV to do well especially when a majority of the issues at hand are self-inflicted to the station. This clearly starts leaning heavily to very bad management, but I won’t stop there. I’ll also blame the execs at Newscorp whom Mr. Murdoch entrusts to run his business.

In business, who are your number one customers? Nope, not the viewers in this case, instead they are as always, the employees and co-workers. If their morale is high, they perform, it becomes a major team effort and from there skyrockets to viewers with fun, coordination and bright memorable viewing times. If on the other hand morale is shot, then the number one employees the people who are at work reflect that in their actions and attitudes. The business service suffers and the number two customers in this case, the viewers begin to change the channels or participate in other activities. Now this then leads to the follies of economics 101 the commercial advertisers. Like locally Disneyland for instance, forget their rival owned network of ABC (A Bunch of Crap) network, instead concentrate on Disneyland for Halloween Haunts themes. How are they going to advertise their park as haunted when the horrors at KTTV out perform that? The answer is they can’t. What about the latest zombie movie flick. The studios require KTTV viewers to watch that nightmare movie, yet again, they are being undercut by the zombies that set chomping policies at KTTV. Then there is the latest car commercials like for instance the fast cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challengers. KTTV is losing talents faster than those cars can get down a road, and don’t forget the major advertiser McDonald’s motto “Loving It!” KTLA, KTTV’s rival is fulfilling that motto with joy as are the other network competitors locally. So not only are the viewers stiffed, but so are the advertisers because the viewer base shrinks…talk about getting ripped off!

The problem again goes back to management issues and also executive decisions as well. I have over the last several years commented on these issues so again, if you want to read what I have stated, go back to my archives. I will never post a fantasy, but rather what is actually going on here. So in the wind, the rumor is that Kingsley Smith, a brilliant VP News Director at KTTV has left. If this is the case, it just continues issues that sadly and honestly didn’t have to be.


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