How to fix FOX and KTTV Nationally.

Okay so there are local as well as national issues. I would first fix the morning okay at KTTV since it needs it big time in my humbled opinion. I have discussed this here numerous times but here goes again for the late comers. Morning schedule.

5am to 8am News, got it!

8am to 11am GDLA as an entertainment, not news show, got it!

11am thru 12pm News.

12 to 2 acquire All my Children and One Life To Live soap operas stick em on FOX nationally and gain instantly tens of millions of viewers. ABC (Always Bolshevik Crap) screwed up big and well, why not.

Crappy shows from 2pm thru 5pm.

Major news locally 5pm.

World News at 6PM.

Game shows at 7PM, then prime time.

10PM Christine Devine and “Dummyhead Instead” to spice things up until he apologizes for inferring that all bloggers are clowns including his “BOSS” Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

11PM Acquire Jay Leno and call it the 21st Century Tonight Show, screw NBC (Nothing But Crap) for being stupid enough to discard the best late night talk host.

1am in the morning give Jillian Barberie an exotic dating game show where she can cut loose.

Do that and FOX can fix L.A. and coast to coast viewers for good.


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