What can go wrong?

While Obama and Wife have enjoyed racking up 1.5 billion dollars of personal spending for 2013, uh let’s see. You can lose your home because his home relief programs are BS and have helped very few people, that’s a big one. You can lose your medical insurance, doctor and get gouched for more money for the Obamas to spend lavishly. You can lose your voting rights, George Soros, their buddy owns the national elections because he controls SCYTL. You can lose your status as a citizen, that belongs to “ILLEGAL ALIENS” from Mexico. You can lose your holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter and the 4th of July, since commies hate those holidays. You can lose being married to the opposite sex, after all the new big thing is guys who tongue kiss and gals who do each other with plastic strap-ons. You can forget getting cheap gas, oil, heating oil, instead go light a fire somewhere…oh wait, you cannot do that either as it creates smoke and who wants to upset Al Gore. You can drive what they tell you, mainly pedal bicycles like the communists have done for years. oops my bad. You cannot use pedal bicycles anymore because that increases carbon, I guess you can walk but not jog or run. You cannot say certain words anymore. Anyone for “sticks and stones” and while being banned from racist bad words, black gangs across the country are murdering mainly white people because of their ethnicity and skin color, that’s okay for Eric Holder. But get a white guy defending himself against blacks and he’s a killer, a racist scum, he deserves well, you get the drift.

The problem here is folks, everything is opposite of the way it should be. For example a man and a woman are a married couple, create a family. Now for those who are gay guys, I will also state a few facts. Something nobody has pointed out is that gay guys do contribute to population control which is a serious issue on Earth with over 5 billion people and growing. Also being gay is normal in other animal chains even though it does harm the traditional family unit. The issue I take is not being gay, but rather forcing it in everyone’s face. I take great issue with that as I don’t like people forcing issues in my face. How would gay guys like it if I forced a jar of Vaseline in their face? Well I better not go there. And religion. It seems Islam is okay, everything else is not. Uh, excuse me, many religions believe in the same goals, to promote God, make people happier and also point them in the right direction yet all the wars going on over religion. Sad, very sad indeed. Okay, the words “fuck,nigger,shit,spic,kike,chink,bitch,bastard and so forth” See nobody is hurt, maybe shocked I posted bad words in my blog posting, did I shock you? Are your bones broken? Did the sticks I threw out there trip you up? No is the answer and why, because if you make words off-limits, you empower the bad words. Yes they are bad words, but it also depends on how the word is used. For example if I were to say you know something, this is really fucked, it means it is really messed up, or I could say this is good shit.” Meaning it is good stuff whatever that is. The point is use the bad words and you dilute them over time. They weaken and the word while aggressive sounding, has little value. Make a word taboo and you make it powerful. I know you folks disagree but that is what is. As for words that describe someone such as Kike, Nigger and spic etc. How again is it used. Blacks use the word themselves casually, so do many Jews I know and Latinos as well. I’ll show you a case in point to prove that what I am stating is true. If you really don’t believe me, just watch this video and who is saying what to whom.

See that is my point. The bad vile as Diane Watson puts it word must be banned, but it is not the word, rather how it is used and by banning a bad word or any word you empower it. Now let us talk more serious stuff. Health care. The reason for the current system is to lock down a forever one-party political vote system. It is meant as a gateway to communism. Communism is enslavement of the population so that people like George Soros, Diane Feinstein and the Obama’s and Clinton’s can live as Czars in luxury while you are a slave. This lets the government tell you if you can live or not because of your value. It destroys America and liberties. It strips you of dignity and freedoms. You cannot see your doctor anymore, the medical plans are greatly more expensive and the government can deny your survival. Let us say a sleazeball politician thinks you should die because you will cost to much to the state. You have no longer, any recourse to stay alive. Lets say they don’t like your political makeup. Do you really want to be in this position? Your type of car you want to own and drive. Do you really want the government telling you what you can drive going from this option

to what they tell you is what you can really drive

and maybe ending up only being able to walk and never have transportation again? Then while the anointed ones in public service in Washington DC are busy living the high life, here is where they want you to live.

and that’s my point folks. This is about where America is rapidly heading. Benjamin Frankly eloquently put it as simply stated as possible. – Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety!


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