How FOX could undercut the other networks.

Just when you thought FOX sputtering mid day news cast and shows had it, here is one that brings millions of viewers instantly. Stick TOLN’s soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” on FOX. Create Midday super FOX as the new mantra and you now have a very strong line up. Yeah the soaps tanked at ABC, but that was because Brian Frons and his minions were at work making these soaps fail for their own agendas. They are long gone from ABC, but the soaps and millions of viewers are still out there. For one hour at midday, FOX could dominate 12PM to 1PM with millions. Get AMC and OLTL as half hour shows run them midday and watch an instant viewership fixed daily . If the soaps get great writers they will do very well.


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