Getting it from several current and former FOX people.

Okay guys and gals and the very big celeb who is now irate.

watch the video, to one person watch 19:48 to the other a bit after that on sexual sizes etc. I think I rest my case here. See, you can scapegoat someone and demonize them for being honest, but in the end the truth prevails. I don’t control what someone says and does on the air. My opinion is as an honest blogger of what I see happening around me and I author blogs. Some of my opinions you will like, others you may not like, but at least I am being forth right. While Jillian blocked me, notice how Dorothy Lucey was more mature and did not. I think that speaks volumes. I’ll leave it there, but in a parting shot to two people out there. Jillian is an adult, she is a former wife twice and a mother of two little kids who depend on her. When you go on TV with the intent of selling yourself as a product to make money, you thus give up your right to both privacy to an extent especially if you are doing outrageous things in front of the public. You also open yourself up to public criticism as well, because you have sought fame and being famous is how you make a living, no matter what form of it. I reserve the rights to blog about famous people and events in the public eye. I think I have said enough.


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