Speaking of old KTTV Bones!

So I made the “Dorothy Haters” web page. I consider it a badge of honor. Because I seemed to get to the head of the class. Now you probably thought I said bad things in my past blogs about former co-hosts Dorothy and Jillian at GDLA. Uh, nope, the public got the last word and I can assure you they were far more brutal than I when it came to a statement of what the co-host celebrities were spewing out to millions of viewers. Now before I post the comments link so you can read what others said and just a smattering, in earnest, I still hold that the reason Good Day L.A. was and remains tanked in ratings is the show structure. Nothing else can fix that show. You can change all the hosts you want, build all the sets you want and yet if the structure is broken, the other networks will prosper. To a lesser extent that goes to the news as well at KTTV. The entire 5am to 10am morning is botched and that blame goes to the management and execs for KTTV and nobody else. You can blame others, but eventually the buck stops there.

So with no further hadoo, visit the link below and scroll down and read the comments. Not mine, but the public’s. Far more on target and quite vicious as well … but also honest. In the end, both ladies were sacrificed when they could have been managed differently and the show restructured. They would still be there and the show’s ratings would be much higher.



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  1. Quick follow up. I visited Dorothy’s Twitter and the topics vary but one she is really pushing is about “Sex and Vomit” and that folks is why her CaRear at Fox KTTV came to a raspy ending.

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