So they are pissed off!

Fair enough. When Carlos Amezcua first came aboard KTTV FOX from KTLA, he entered the blogs and called all bloggers a nothing but a bunch of clowns. Of course, Carlos uses Twitter and I think Facebook too. Twitter is a micro blog, oh and Carlos, the owner of KTTV Mr. Rupert Murdoch must also be nothing but a clown, right? I mean after all he blogs on twitter and elsewhere too. See, that is one reason Carlos got on my crap list, the other was that evening he fielded questions, practically begged people to write in and I did. He snubbed my question and I never forgot that. Now while I can set that aside, I cannot set aside being labeled by someone who does the same thing themselves that they label others with in a demeaning tone. Not right. If Carlos wants off my puny little crap list then apologize to the blogger and poof it’s done.

As for Christine Devine, someone told me to google the photos and sure enough there she is at a fund raising event. Now I highly respect Miss Devine for her public work helping others and also she has seemed to be a lady of the airwaves though I wonder. See, here is my point from the last blog I posted. It perplexed me that on one hand she has the lady image doing the news, on the other hand, she dresses sexy at events. But you know what, so what guys and gals, that’s her thing I suppose and I’ll leave it at that. Just that there was mention she was a victim of the horrible crime of rape and well, does someone who was raped really dress like that in a revealing outfit? Your call. That’s like Dorothy Lucey with the church mom image while squeaking about sex every morning on Good Day L.A. It got so bad that host Steve Edwards turned to her one morning and said something to the effect of “uh, aren’t you a church mom?” While being a church mom and a rape victim are two vastly different things, the glue that binds image and reality are of course one and the same.

This actually is an excellent opportunity to also express that the media candy coats many things. In other words the news business is still an entertainment venue of sorts and smoke and mirrors. When the makeup comes off and the cameras go dark, reality of normalcy sets in and you know what. I’ll take that any day over the media facade.

As for “Dummyhead Instead” any time he wants to apologize it will be welcome by bloggers who realize we are all entitled in a “FREE” society to vent our opinions, especially where public entertainers and officials are concerned. If DIEane NotSoFeinstein gets her way from Commiefornia, freedom to blog and speak out may well become a thing of the past.


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