FOX KTTV Primetime NEWS at 7 tanks!

What did you expect. Christine Devine for a half hour and oh, “Dummyhead Instead” and you were expecting gold ratings! Really?

Dummyhead Instead

There is a reason why this guy is on my crap list. He came to FOX KTTV and told the bloggers they were a bunch of clowns. Instead of saying “Hi all, great to see this here” we got “You people are a bunch of clowns.” Did this guy ever consider he uses Twitter which is a microblog. Did you Carlos, consider, instead of saying “Blogging is great” he insults each and every one of you for blogging. Maybe if Mr. Rupert Murdoch a micro-blogger on Twitter knew what Carlos thinks of him, he would think differently of his employee 😉 take a hint, huh! It can’t hurt and might save a few bucks too!

Then there is the Halloween Horror of FOX KTTV at night. As if the execs at KTTV didn’t screw up the morning, they needed to show how they can do it at night. Who watches a half-hour newscast with a woman dressed up as a prude? Here is the real Christine Devine for the media… (Chrsitine, no disrespect meant but if you are flaunting it elsewhere, why not for the ratings 😉 )

What gets me is this. On one hand Christine says she was a rape victim, on the other hand she dresses like this for media events. Seems a contradiction and one that perplexes me??? On the news she dresses like a lady, here she dresses like a sex symbol, go figure huh.

The reason Studio 11 failed in the 7PM time slot is simply this. It was a half hour wannabe news report. In other words, the KTTV execs did it half-ass and like many other things, didn’t respect or understand their viewing audience or needs. The ratings went in the toilet and the hosts could not carry a flawed viewing time slot which is culprit here. Ya know folks, you won’t find a more honest voice that calls it as it is with KTTV. The compiling losses to KTTV as a resource venue for viewers is their own desperate undoing. If only they understood the market, their customers and the customer’s needs, they would see points rise.


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