These are the KTTV assholes who follow my social media then ignore. Good, they’ll never know what I’m saying, like for instance Kevin T. Hale unfollowed my Twitter. Hey Kevin, ya know I’ll be writing stuff, right? Good you won’t know.

Pablo Pererira – He’s the guy who has bounced from every Los Angeles news station that it seems he is everywhere. Did we really require an instant weatherman when we had a national icon in Mark Thompson on the air? See here is the problem. If you make a mistake you rectum it with a temp and Pablo fills that bill. Yeah he does a decent newscast, but you know what? He’s a spit in the bucket compared to the personality and quality that Mark Thompson brought to FOX, in fact Mark’s little dancing gig actually brought a national iconic status and personality. He made you laugh, even when the weather was bad. This latest guy Pablo reminds me of ABC, CBS and NBC of the past.

Then there is the guy Kevin T. Hale a KTTV FOX executive. Hot stuff on TV right? No, not really. Watching his teeth takes my appetite away and honestly, was he really writing his own material…I DON’T THINK SO! 😮

This morning I caught the FOX untouchable Julie Change, and what did I get…her tongue sticking out at me on TV and it looked like she just lapped up a pile of Miley Cyrus crap as it was black at the tip of her tongue. Really Julie, you admire Miley for trying to become a “Hollyslut!” that’s a great one. I realize you are untouchable and protected by Newscorp back east, but remember, faith can change for a new Dorothy type. It only sits so well with viewers, take a hint and keep your tongue hidden, or use a fresh gargle and get rid of Miley-Tongue!

Format. Yeah, I am tapping my feet waiting, while KTTV’s execs continue their toilet swirl in the ratings. I don’t think KTLA has had a better friend than the KTTV morning execs, good one guys.


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