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California the Green state…

Gives the big FU to green bicycle riders or those who ride zero-emission ebikes and trikes. The law currently discourages people from purchasing and using electric bicycles as legitimate transportation. In fact the national laws are even worse, yet gasoline cyclists are rewarded. One must actually question what and why California is using green politics for when they easily repress the green bicycle usage. Case in point. If you own a gasoline powered bicycle you can travel at 30mph legally on a 48cc engine. On an ebike you can have up to a 1 kilowatt electric motor but cannot travel beyond the speed of 20 mph as they would classify it as a motorcycle. Guys pedaling on poly carbon 33 speed bicycles can hit 40 plus mph legally and with a little more effort 50 mph plus. Not sustained of course but it is doable and imagine all the carbon benefit that is pumped into the air as well. Of course a 1 KW electric motored bicycle can hit 36 mph and cranks out zero emissions. All the rider on that must do is steer, be ready on the brakes, enjoy the wind at your face and yawn. The carbon footprint is minimal.

Another plus to ebike usage the state ignores is that the ebikes have very minimal if not almost nonexistent wear and tear on roads and bike paths. And speaking of bike paths, anyone notice how many joggers use them these days? Talk about playing dodge and I’m not talking Chrysler products here though they also make an electric bicycle. Don’t believe me aye! Well here is Chrysler Corps ebike below.

Yes a number of auto manufacturers see major usage for transportation yet the transportation laws in the green state of California have not recognized ebikes as anything more than an expensive hobby and in the end, without the state pushing for this technology as it claims in the press or the federal government doing so, this will remain an expensive niche hobby item that many folks will forgo when they buy a gasoline powered car and motorcycle and that’s a damned shame.


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I’m actually re-warming up to Dorothy Lucey maybe!

I have stated here that Dorothy was completely out of control with sexualized comments especially during her last months of tenure at FOX. It also caused Misses Jillian Reynolds to go onto that topic as well. In a sense though, revisiting who they were, what they were doing, in hindsight, they were fixable from a production point of view. I think having a staff meeting and sitting both ladies down and giving them the rules, the lines, what can and cannot be crossed before the public was doable, so what went wrong?

Well, both ladies made it easier for KTTV to get rid of them and save big bucks in the long term. Did they have to? No, but they did. However as I just stated, it was a fixable situation. The problem is that they contributed to KTTV’s loss of viewers but were actually not the underlying problems that caused viewers to flee.

Those problems have still never really been addressed and run much deeper then anyone wishes to admit. The underlying problem mainly for which Dorothy and Jillian were gone was show format and viewing times. That is it in a nutshell and those issues still remain uncorrected. I am vetted in this analysis by the fact that two new hosts, a set redecoration were added and the numbers are still to a point, down!

So in a sense, Misses Lucey and Misses Reynolds dismissals did satisfy many viewers and also saved FOX money, but did not fix the underlying issues. While I blogged harshly on both ladies at GDLA and their morning acts, I could not have been as harsh as others in the general viewership were. One describe Dorothy as a Raisin on steroids, while another stated Jillian was an out and out erhmm, whore, and that wasn’t the only ones. Comments got even worse, but I’ll refrain here.

Looking back, during better times, when numbers were up and the viewership was differing, Jillian, Dorothy and Steve did click and quite well. Unfortunately for the KTTV management, they did not realize the real crux of why the show’s recent numbers were down and tossed both co-hosts on GDLA as sacrificial lambs while the real fire remains. Yes, Dorothy and Jillian made it easy for FOX and so did Jean Martirez for that matter, I just adored the frisky news co-host. Other sacrifices this management has made Tricia Takasugi, Mark Thompson (the dancing weatherman) oh how we have lost talents.

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Just in time for Halloween, The KTTV horror continues.

The VP of news has resigned I have gotten word in the winds. Originally put in place to tap talent from Newscorp Kingsley Smith it has been said has resigned from the station. The problems continue to mount for the KTTV execs and GM Mr. Kevin Hale and honestly folks, this is very sad, because at one time KTTV was tops and should be. Newscorp and the great Rupert Murdoch have always been at the very top of their games and yet KTTV’s Horrors continue on a downhill slide perhaps past Halloween hell.

I have stated that KTTV is a mess especially in the morning lineup and now through most of the day too. What is distressing is how rapidly things seem to be dissipating there, because many great folks work hard very much to promote Mr. Murdoch’s products for Newscorp, yet it continues a downhill slide. Frustrating for people who want KTTV to do well especially when a majority of the issues at hand are self-inflicted to the station. This clearly starts leaning heavily to very bad management, but I won’t stop there. I’ll also blame the execs at Newscorp whom Mr. Murdoch entrusts to run his business.

In business, who are your number one customers? Nope, not the viewers in this case, instead they are as always, the employees and co-workers. If their morale is high, they perform, it becomes a major team effort and from there skyrockets to viewers with fun, coordination and bright memorable viewing times. If on the other hand morale is shot, then the number one employees the people who are at work reflect that in their actions and attitudes. The business service suffers and the number two customers in this case, the viewers begin to change the channels or participate in other activities. Now this then leads to the follies of economics 101 the commercial advertisers. Like locally Disneyland for instance, forget their rival owned network of ABC (A Bunch of Crap) network, instead concentrate on Disneyland for Halloween Haunts themes. How are they going to advertise their park as haunted when the horrors at KTTV out perform that? The answer is they can’t. What about the latest zombie movie flick. The studios require KTTV viewers to watch that nightmare movie, yet again, they are being undercut by the zombies that set chomping policies at KTTV. Then there is the latest car commercials like for instance the fast cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challengers. KTTV is losing talents faster than those cars can get down a road, and don’t forget the major advertiser McDonald’s motto “Loving It!” KTLA, KTTV’s rival is fulfilling that motto with joy as are the other network competitors locally. So not only are the viewers stiffed, but so are the advertisers because the viewer base shrinks…talk about getting ripped off!

The problem again goes back to management issues and also executive decisions as well. I have over the last several years commented on these issues so again, if you want to read what I have stated, go back to my archives. I will never post a fantasy, but rather what is actually going on here. So in the wind, the rumor is that Kingsley Smith, a brilliant VP News Director at KTTV has left. If this is the case, it just continues issues that sadly and honestly didn’t have to be.

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How to fix FOX and KTTV Nationally.

Okay so there are local as well as national issues. I would first fix the morning okay at KTTV since it needs it big time in my humbled opinion. I have discussed this here numerous times but here goes again for the late comers. Morning schedule.

5am to 8am News, got it!

8am to 11am GDLA as an entertainment, not news show, got it!

11am thru 12pm News.

12 to 2 acquire All my Children and One Life To Live soap operas stick em on FOX nationally and gain instantly tens of millions of viewers. ABC (Always Bolshevik Crap) screwed up big and well, why not.

Crappy shows from 2pm thru 5pm.

Major news locally 5pm.

World News at 6PM.

Game shows at 7PM, then prime time.

10PM Christine Devine and “Dummyhead Instead” to spice things up until he apologizes for inferring that all bloggers are clowns including his “BOSS” Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

11PM Acquire Jay Leno and call it the 21st Century Tonight Show, screw NBC (Nothing But Crap) for being stupid enough to discard the best late night talk host.

1am in the morning give Jillian Barberie an exotic dating game show where she can cut loose.

Do that and FOX can fix L.A. and coast to coast viewers for good.

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How FOX could undercut the other networks.

Just when you thought FOX sputtering mid day news cast and shows had it, here is one that brings millions of viewers instantly. Stick TOLN’s soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” on FOX. Create Midday super FOX as the new mantra and you now have a very strong line up. Yeah the soaps tanked at ABC, but that was because Brian Frons and his minions were at work making these soaps fail for their own agendas. They are long gone from ABC, but the soaps and millions of viewers are still out there. For one hour at midday, FOX could dominate 12PM to 1PM with millions. Get AMC and OLTL as half hour shows run them midday and watch an instant viewership fixed daily . If the soaps get great writers they will do very well.

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Getting it from several current and former FOX people.

Okay guys and gals and the very big celeb who is now irate.

watch the video, to one person watch 19:48 to the other a bit after that on sexual sizes etc. I think I rest my case here. See, you can scapegoat someone and demonize them for being honest, but in the end the truth prevails. I don’t control what someone says and does on the air. My opinion is as an honest blogger of what I see happening around me and I author blogs. Some of my opinions you will like, others you may not like, but at least I am being forth right. While Jillian blocked me, notice how Dorothy Lucey was more mature and did not. I think that speaks volumes. I’ll leave it there, but in a parting shot to two people out there. Jillian is an adult, she is a former wife twice and a mother of two little kids who depend on her. When you go on TV with the intent of selling yourself as a product to make money, you thus give up your right to both privacy to an extent especially if you are doing outrageous things in front of the public. You also open yourself up to public criticism as well, because you have sought fame and being famous is how you make a living, no matter what form of it. I reserve the rights to blog about famous people and events in the public eye. I think I have said enough.

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Badge of Honor!

Who says that celebrities don’t get really pissed at ya? Here, witness this act 😀 I wear it as a badge of honor. I had heard a few people got blocked so I decided to check it out and lo and behold, thanks Jillian. If ever I needed a good laugh this morning, this did it for me. See, here’s my point folks. People say things all the time. Do things all the time. But this and from someone so erhmm, prominent. I’ll take it as a badge of honor. The truth is I called it as it happened at GDLA and to be quite frank with all of you, many folks out there were far more brutal than I when it came to opinions. As a Good Day L.A. viewer I was a customer and Jillian’s actions many mornings were a tainted and bad product. Yes Jillian, you ask people to spend their time watching you on TV, their most valuable commodity. No watch how I can spin this okay. You out there reading this blog. “Jillian in these actions didn’t act as a professional, she acted like a child acts, and because of my blogs and opinions when she was on TV. What Jillian forgot was she is a celebrity. When she stepped before the camera onto the “PUBLIC” airwaves or any airwaves for that matter, she gave up her privacy and opened herself to opinions and comments, especially if she makes herself into a product. As a viewer aka “a customer” I am entitled to complain or praise a product, especially if it is a public product. Now if I make a statement that is not true that is one thing. I don’t and will probably never know her personally nor do I really want to, to be quite frank. But the action below is what a small child does, not someone professional and this just reinforces that KTTV management made the right call after all. In parting, honestly, no hard feelings Jillian Barberie. Good luck in your CaRear, I hope you find God and happiness and I’ll leave it at that with a good laugh at the photo below.


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