Tax em on BARF!

I mean they are proposing a wedding tax amongst others. Since everyone is so sick of what Washington is doing these days and feels like throwing up, why not tax em on barfing. A few examples if I may.

You either pay triple your med insurance rate or a fine to the IRS agents with their new shotguns at your door. So you chuck, accidentally barfing on the nice blue tie of the lead IRS agent and his shiny new shotgun. TAX! Seems fitting huh, barfing on the taxman and paying a new tax.

You find out the ambassador killed in Benghazi was the result of Hillary wanting a stand down and to make it worse, you see her face on TV and whelp, you barf. Another TAX!

Diane Feinstein (this creature’s a real thug), you catch a quick news clip, don’t need to know she is proposing killing the first and second amendments while her husband pockets illegal profits she arranged. You don’t need to know anything. This political hag is so ugly on the outside as she is on the inside, you BARF! Another TAX.

John McCain signed a bill (2012 – NDAA) that allows the government agents to kick down your front door, seize you and take you away. While in their brand new security Cadillac Escalade SUV, you feel very woozy and you Barf, realizing you are a slave of tyranny, another tax.

Nancy Pelosi meets with George Soros whose devilish fat face instantly makes you Barf. You Barf so many times, you are hit with a multi-taxation

Michelle Obama walks by, hints you should eat carrots which you do. Unfortunately an ILLEGAL ALIEN working on a farm peed on them, you get an illness and realize someone who broke into your country and makes your taxes pay them, this makes you Barf along with a freshly bagged dosage of salmonella. Another tax.

John Roberts of the Supreme Court, a very conservative guy, right? Nope, he allowed Obamacare on a swing vote and enslaved the citizens, hundreds of millions of them into communism while he still enjoys with the government and president, private healthcare, enough to make you barf for another tax.

Get the point? What once was a country you loved and were proud of is rapidly being destroyed and your freedoms with it and that is enough to make anyone barf, so when are these tyrannical politicians going to tax you for chucking? It’s coming folks.


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