And now for the weather.

FOX KTTV 11 got it partially right. Yes you guys read the blogs and you nailed the weather, my hat’s off to you folks. Someone at your studio realized what was broken and imported the stacked weather reports and it works and works quite well. So, with this initiated, let us look at what needs fine tuning on the weather.

Move the forecasts a bit to my right as a viewer, have Maria Quiban or the weather caster stand more to the left and for a longer period of time. This is easy to do.

Now what you are still missing is the night temps and this is easily fixable as well. Copy what you did with the day temps and make stacked night temps, a night time sky perhaps with bright yellow temp numbers. That will round out and fix the weather issues that have plagued KTTV for a very long time.

Now, something that really pisses me off as a viewer, are all of you ready. I turn on the morning and Maria comes on, does a quickie and then gives you the full news cast at the bottom of the hour. KTLA DOES NOT DO THIS…GOT IT? If you are going to give the first newscast in the first few minutes give us the whole thing. As a viewer I am not stupid and I don’t like things stretched out. Hint: “It’s a channel changer” so hopefully you fix this aspect of the weather too.

And one last thing. Maria Quiban is Hawaiian or so she bills herself as, what about a Hula Dance with every weathercast she does much like the former weatherman of KTTV Mark Thompson the Dancing Weatherman. Perhaps Pablo can do a rain dance during the dry months and a sun shine dance during the wet cold ones.


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