Maria and GDLA

I must admit after the Lucey-Reynolds debacle a while ago, and their being scape goated for a broken format, I had my doubting moments and rather then go at it, blasting the new co-host after a long search nationally, just see how things played out.

Now there was a wild and still wild but a little more conservative Julie Chang. She started out with Lucyisms but seemed to tone it down more or less so no issues there, not for now anyhow.

Maria Sansone I must say has fit right in that seat rather perfectly. Steve Edwards, just a great guy, both Steve and his wife, two of the nicest people you’d ever meet, I did πŸ™‚ Steve is the kind gentleman you see on TV and he just has a great personality, sharp as a cookie too, he’s a super nice “with-it” type of person. Between Steve and Maria it is mainly like a Father-Daughter team in a sense and they bounce off one another rather well. You can just see she is a great breath of fresh air from what used to occupy that seat, gone almost a year now (Sep 29 2012). So overall the team works well. I also like that Misses Lisa Breckenridge is there, she has always been one of my sentimental favorites, just like a n angel on the set. Ratings, still down, quite down in fact for GDLA are 7.2 while for the KTLA Morning News are at 8.5 and it ain’t getting better anytime soon.

See, here’s the deal. Jillian and Dorothy could have been retained if management had actually sat down and told the both of them to cool it with sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,sex talk every morning. While this would fix those issues it would not fix what is really broken at FOX in the morning. That I have blogged about. Yeah FOX or KTTV can build whatever sets they want, but until you really identify the issues at hand, it will still be second fiddle. I have blogged about these issues and you can read them in depth through the archives here. Since I am too damned tired, I’ll let your fingers find them.

So yes, the current team of morning anchors works, even with Araksya’s Throat grunt/clucking sounds and Maria Quiban being able to do a true Hula dance as a Hawaiian. Tony McEwing when not riding camels, mispronouncing the name of an ancient Indian God as “Takeets” something that makes him burst out laughing and the others. One area that KTTV is lacking in is production help. Boy-oh-boy did that station mess up bad when they canned most of the older help. Viewers see the issues almost every morning both at the station and in the field and would someone please, please, please get Maria Sansone a Microphone she can use that doesn’t freak her out. There Maria, where would you be without a viewer’s voice πŸ˜‰


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