So here we are again.

For years I have blogged about GDLA and the morning FOX news lineup and the ratings continue to sink. I have pointed out what can be done to fix them and no more posts on the work. If you want to find out what’s broken and what needs to be fixed, goto the GDLA Bash and look up my past archived posts. You can replace this person and that person, but until you fix the underlying problems, no amount of fresh talent nor money will bring viewers, it’s that plain and simple. What worked in the past no longer works now. You can run over 5 hours of morning news then another two hours through midday and hold viewers. Sorry, it doesn’t work. If this is what KTTV execs want, then why not make everything from 4AM in the morning through 1PM in the afternoon constant news? In essence KTTV is a consistent “news-only” channel and nothing more and it DOES NOT WORK…..GOT IT?

Yeah Steve screamed for Gina Silva back. She should have been the anchor in Sanson’e seat and Lisa Breckenridge should have been the entertainment anchor, you have the local talent. Promote them locally…NOT!

So viewers to GDLA continue to tune in if at all for a few minutes, catch the weather or news and then disappear altogether. They are being trained that GDLA is news and weather and after a few minutes are gone. That fault falls directly on the KTTV execs and Newscorp execs that allow and encourage it. KTLA in Los Angeles consistently beats FOX hands down and every time or most times that FOX loses talent, guess where they end up? You got it guys. FOX is today’s yesteryear KTLA and KTLA is today’s yesteryear KTTV and this is a very serious issue with long-term ramifications if not fixed early on.

Can it all be fixed for FOX in the mornings? Yes! Are FOX execs aware of what they have to fix? No! Are they reading these blogs to see what is going on and where to fix things? Unsure. Some people are, at least the smart ones with common sense. Otherwise everyone else with management decisions is like an ostrich with their heads in the ground. Careful, the Dingos are coming.


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